How The Grammys Affect Social Media

social media and grammysSocial media has become the platform for advertising and promotion more than what it was meant for initially. As the Grammy Week has already started, we see social media sites exploding with the updates and comments from fans. Twitter, the amazing micro-blogging site was used for interviews by celebs. A big part of the world was watching the live interview on their screens. The notable among the interview series were Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow and Joy Williams. With the theme, #TheWorldIsListening, it started off with much hype and hoopla. This year’s online promotion started two months before the actual event.

Amplifier and VEVO

We could see movie freaks bustling on the Twitter and Facebook pages of the Grammys. The National Academy for Recording Arts and Sciences has launched the platform, Amplifier, where you can find all news about the Grammys. It serves as a go-to destination for all information that you want to know about Grammys. It’s also a great platform which brings to light the hidden talents. Anyone who plays music can submit their work here and wait to get noticed by the whole wide world out there. Wondering who the curators are? Here’s the list

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Linkin Park
  • RZA

Pick up your guitar or your musical instrument and try your luck with the stars. What’s more, they will tweet about the best files sent to them. This way, Grammys has also made it possible for hidden musicians to get noticed. Sweet! VEVO is another similar platform which is sponsored by Pepsi to produce video questions and answers. Music from some of the best people in the industry, such as The Lumineers. Frank Ocean, and Alabama Shakes have been compiled on a single tape, which will later be streamed on Pandora.

Google Plus

The Academy just hit the mark by gaining itself 1 million followers on Google + and so they gave away some tickets to the Grammys. And, that doesn’t come for free, the fans had to submit a “Thank you speech” and a free ticket was given to the person who submitted the most hypothetical speech. The Thank you speech was submitted on YouTube, Google’s video sharing platform. Radio and Pinterest are no exceptions to this years Grammy fever. Similar contests are held on these platforms, too and winning them will get the fans a Grammys ticket.

People also had a nice time hanging out with Ed Sheeran on Google +. The video of Ed answering questions submitted by her followers on Google+ was hosted by Arjan Writes. Grammy’s Executive Producer, Ken Erlich, also made himself available online on Twitter, for a live chat session. All these said, it’s apparent to us that most of the activities and events go online. The ones that interest the audience go viral. With such busy platforms, we don’t even have to follow the news elsewhere, the social media platforms bring the news to our screens. It has become that very easy. The impact that important events like these have on social media platforms are increasing every year and we can expect to see virtual discussions about the next year’s Grammys on these platforms very soon.

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