Future Google Algorithm Update: Author Rank

Author rank is what all content creators need to think about this year. The search algorithm that many websites rely on for delivering scores of potential customers has come of age and now recognizes the authority of the author in relation to their social influence. The escalation of the web2.0 development and the mainstreaming of social network and designs make it mandatory for everyone interested in doing business online to embrace social strategies in influencing their reach. Google recognizes the role of influence and uses it to determine the relevance of the content it presents on Search Engine Results Pages.

Think of author rank as a reinvented page rank algorithm. In the past, and to a lesser extent now, search engines relied on the domain of a webpage and the authority carried by the said domain. This authority came from the number of links pointing to that domain and their respective authorities. In addition, the relevancy of the content from those links and their anchor text contributed to the page rank. What changed is rather simple but it holds a tremendous effect on the future ranking of author created content on the internet. Google, through its Google+ platform came with a way to verify authors of content on the internet. Now, using the social profiles of those authors, it is able to determine how influential these authors are and uses the data to evaluate the quality of the pages they claim authorship.

Involving Google+ was a decision solely aimed at obtaining mass reliable and rich data to use for search results. The plan is working; it is hard for a spam content company to claim association to a verified author’s profile for example. At present, independent publishers who have embraced author-rank marketing strategies are getting a heads start. Brands have to jump on board or could perish quite quickly. In the near future, it will be impossible for anyone to rank highly without an author or business page profile on Google+. To increase its verification data source, Google uses its Gmail service to sign up new users to its social network platform.

Marketers can argue that it is possible to dominate their niches by sticking to Facebook and Twitter, as well as emerging social networks like Pinterest. That will not work for search traffic. For a marketer, brand or business, a better strategy to that would be to seek associations with top blogs and sites so that your content appears on their site. When users find your content through an authoritative source, they will most likely follow your profile on Google+ and this is will build your rank as an authority.

Google+ is fast becoming the cornerstone of Google rankings and anyone who hopes to ride on a SEO wave, as a way of building their businesses online must embrace this fact. In the past, ‘gaming’ the system with link building strategies was easy but now the biggest search engine is smarter. To relay the right results to users, it is now concentrating more on verified individuals. Its takes time to build a real community following, and when you embrace Author Rank as a SEO strategy, you will be accelerating your growth as part of trustworthy influence which Google and other search engines love.

Researches and talk about the importance of author rank for the SEO Agency today.

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