Negative SEO & The Google Disavow Tool Decrease / Increase SERP Rankings

Negative SEO is not a very new concept but it has become very important in the recent time. There are some dishonest tactics that are used to decrease the page rankings of the competitors. The companies organize for SEO activity of their competitors so that it seems that the Google guidelines are broken and they got penalized thus with the downfall of the competitor’s organic ranking the company gets its own ranking improved.

The most important practice for the negative SEO is to build low quality, anchor text links to a particular domain so that these trigger Google penalty for that site or that specific page.

For any website owner, it is very important to have full control on the website. The website is the place where the owner is marketing the products and services to the millions of people and expecting to have good results that will lead to positive sale.

The website owner must have the control on what comes into the website and what is going out of the site. Many websites receive malicious links from other webmasters and these are impossible to get removed.

The owner of the website can only request the other webmasters to remove such links and it is completely up to that webmaster whether to remove the malicious link ignore it or keep it. If such links are not removed then the website is surely to have negative effects in the ranking in the search negative seo link disavow

The sites that have low quality and low Page Rank are pulled down by Google the sites with high quality and PR are put on the top of the list. If a high quality site has got a link that originates from a low PR site then it is considered as the compromise in the quality and considered to be of low quality. The competitors of a website often use this negative SEO to reduce the traffic to that website.

With Google Disavow tool, the webmasters are relieved now as they can have the reports of any suspicious incoming links to Google and action can be taken against it. Measures are taken by Google to ensure that these links are not successful in bringing down the page ranking of the site where they are sent. This tool cannot remove the malicious link but could ensure that these are ignored and make them worthless thus a site’s PR is improved.

The process of using the tools is very simple. The webmaster has to open the Google Disavow Tool page and put and validate the domain name. Then the file that contains the links to disavow needed to be uploaded. Google acts on these links to ensure that they are ignored and cannot affect any site.

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