Guest Blog Posts – How To Get The Right Response Every Time

Writing a guest post for a fellow blogger has a number of benefits. OnlineMoneyPage’s article advocates that if you produce quality content, people will take note of your work and some will become subscribers and loyal readers. These days, most bloggers are more than willing accept contributions from guest writers, provided that you meet certain standards and come up with various topics of interest. This article reveals some of the best tips of how to write an excellent guest blog post:

Research the Blog

High-ranking bloggers aim to maintain their status online and thus, they have to keenly assess the quality of work presented to them by guest writers. For you to get the opportunity to write a post for a popular and respected blog in a particular niche you will, therefore, have to first conduct adequate research on it. Before submitting any post, it is essential that you fully understand what has been covered in previous topics and the approach or tone normally used in the blog.

Give the Blog Readers a New Perspective

The main reason why bloggers invite guest writers is to bring a twist or angle that is unique to what is usually posted on the blog. As a guest writer, therefore, aim to provide not only quality, but also a new viewpoint that is different to the norm.

Strictly Follow the Blogger’s Guidelines

Most blogs have governing principles upon which the writing styles are guided. This is normally included in a special page, where advice and directives for guest writers are specified. Ensure that you read this information thoroughly and follow the laid down guidelines. Failure to do this will most certainly result into negative responses on any subsequent submissions that you make.

Your Posts Should Be Beginner Oriented

If you manage to gain the attention of readers, anyone who will subscribe to your list, interact with your content and ultimately purchase your products, will be considered as a newbie. Think of it along the lines of Google or a referral link on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. People browse through these sites in search of new information or answers. Similarly, your new readers will be unfamiliar to that topic you post. Hence, you will have to give them a solid grounding for it by giving it a nice instructional tone, full of links and resources. As a matter of fact, topics that are beginner-focused tend to get well indexed on Google.

Mention Successful Bloggers on your Niche

This is one of the easiest ways of gaining prominence amongst your new readers. Mentioning other bloggers in your guest blog posts has the following benefits:

First, it simply associates you with those expert and successful bloggers.

Second, if you email or Tweet them before your article is posted, they will most probably tweet or share your guest post once it goes live and by doing so, they will also be associating themselves with your work. This is also a smart promotional technique that your “host blog” will be grateful of.

Lastly, mentioning them opens a huge window opportunity for you. When you send these bloggers a guest post in the near future, they will already be having a good idea of what you can do, and they will most likely take a look at what you have to offer. This is a type of professional networking that is very helpful, particularly when you make guest post appearances on popular blogs.

Write a Good Title & Author Byline

Some blogs have rules and guidelines about this, so ensure that you follow them to the letter. If not sure, write to the blogger in advance and ask for permission. Your post must have a catchy and relevant title plus a byline that shows the identity of the writer. These will be enough to get it accepted by the blogger and capture the imagination of the readers, and it is way better that sending a long description of the pros of a prospective post.


From the above tips, we can conclude that guest blogging is a relatively easy thing to do and it can bring about many benefits. Consequently, it is an avenue worth exploring as a way of attracting traffic to your website or blog.

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