Everything You Should Know About Windows 8

Are you excited about new trend in the operating systems? If yes then you would be glad to know some out of the box features offered by Microsoft in Windows 8 launched recently. People throughout globe are showing great interest in its new exciting features and if you are unaware of fresh enhancements in Windows 8, keep reading on this well researched review.

Increased Performance

Performance was one of the major issues that most Windows lovers are expecting and they would be amazed to know that Windows 8 is well equipped with great performance features. It is true that using XP and 7 on netbooks and tablets was extremely hard especially for those wanting for better speed. This fear of people has been eliminated as one can now experience lightning fast speed in all Window gadgets like netbooks, tablets, mobiles and desktops. However, you still have the option of visiting a Computer Repairs Chermside store to increase the hardware memory of the computer, and experience seamlessly fast task enforcement.

Lock Screen

A beautiful image along with few wonderful widgets are available on the screen providing necessary information such as number of emails, time etc. To unlock, swipe towards up and press spacebar to use desktop keyboard. There is an option to use either normal password to open screen or Windows 8 Picture Password. It simply means that you can randomly draw a picture on the desktop screen and it would be invisible gesture that is known only by you. You can set password either by swapping on the arm or pinching on the nose.

Windows Store

One of the interesting features is the Windows Store but apart from everything, it looks like home screen along with different categories. You can choose from both paid and free apps depending upon the choice. A separate section is provided only for the Apps so that one can easily picks out favorite Apps in seconds. Best part is that you can try paid Apps before purchasing them and it is really nice launch.

Fresh and Innovative Task Manager

The fresh and redesigned look of task manager is really gaining great attention of tech savvy people. It is actually simple not only in appearance but for using it as well. You can easily kill tasks and clarify minute details if you are an advanced user. The detailed information about RAM and CPU can be accessed easily by users. Check out this site to read more about RAM vs SSD – What’s the difference between memory and storage? It really helps in shutting down all those itchy applications that launch on start up of computer.

Sync Data to Cloud

Cloud technology is becoming a center stage for Windows 8 as your Microsoft account is what it takes everything to do for syncing. From pictures to address book and essential data to 3rd party apps can be sync over cloud. It simply means that you can access all these files anytime and anywhere by using Windows 8 device. You just need to sign in with Microsoft account and that’s it. In fact, you have the ability to sync almost all your settings from a single Windows 8 PC to another one.

Built-in Windows Defender And Antivirus

Do you remember about Microsoft Security Essentials? Yes, this amazing antivirus app is now built-in for Window 8 in the form of Windows Defender. The same features and same interface is available but you do not need to install it on your computer.

Apart from all of the above features, there are numerous others available but it is extremely hard to discuss all in just a single post. So, it can be said that with such power packed features, Windows 8 is going to be a big hit among Microsoft Windows lovers.

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