Don’t give your social media profiles a long Christmas break!

The Christmas period may mean a slow or even close down for many businesses, but the world of social media just keeps on going. Leaving your social media sites to look after themselves amidst the endless round of parties, turkey, family gatherings and more parties may be tempting, but the pain could still be felt long after the indigestion of overindulgence has faded.

So if you don’t want to return to your desk in the new year to find you’ve lost all the ground you gained in the run-up to Christmas, try a few of the following marketing strategies and keep your online presence ticking over nicely without disrupting the celebrations.


Reports suggest that as few as 20% of your business’ fans will actually see what you’re trying to share. The actual figure is determined by an algorithm called Edgerank, and the good news is that just as you can increase your ranking on a Google search, so there are techniques to ensure your Facebook posts reach more of the people who Like you.

The first thing that affects your Edgerank is the quality of your posts; the more people engage with it, by liking, sharing or commenting on it, the greater your Edgerank will be. The second is the actual content – basically, Facebook prefers videos, links and photos and gives them more weight accordingly. The third factor, and in terms of the Christmas break the most relevant, is the freshness. In other words, recent posts will do better for you than old ones, so don’t start the new year with your last Facebook post dating from before Christmas.


Twitter isn’t just about short and pithy marketing phrases designed to impress people with how clever you are. Using the advanced search function to track brand names and keywords means you can keep an eye on what people are saying about you, what they’re saying about your competitors and what they’re saying about terms important to you (your keywords, in other words).

That will allow you to jump on any negative comments about you before they get viral and make the most of any opportunities that arise at the earliest juncture. Looked at the other way, taking 10 days away from your Twitter account could mean lost business and missed opportunities.

Give away free stuff!

Well, it is Christmas. Without wanting to sound too cynical, most people like Facebook pages so they can get discounts or win prizes. Increased traffic is one obvious bonus, but it also gives you the chance to build in links to your website and engage with your customers. makes the whole process incredibly simple and ties in your social media sites for maximum Google and Edgerank plus points.

Show off your knowledge

Answer questions about your areas of interest and expertise and boost your online reputation and rankings at the same time. allows you to follow subjects important to you and build your brand as an authority in your niche or industry. You can also share links to other websites – including your own, naturally – on topic-focused boards on your profile.

Whichever social media sites you use to promote your business, it only takes a few minutes to keep them working for you over the holidays. You may be able to happily give your staff a long Christmas break, but do the same with Facebook or Twitter and you may come to regret it as much as that last mince pie!

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