Best Timing to Post Content on Social Media to Increase Traffic

timingDealing with social media requires some level of creativity and thinking. If you have a business and make promotions in different social media, aside from making sure that you are publishing quality and interesting content, you also have to know when to post them for a higher reach. Your post will have a higher chance of getting clicked when more people are online and when they are in the mood for reading posts. This then makes social media management a tricky endeavor.

In this article, we will discuss the best timing to post content on social media for an increased number of audiences.

A study conducted recently has concluded that different social media cater to a different set of audiences. Thus you have to know your target first before using the site to showcase your posts. You must also research the demographics of your viewers, to determine the peak times of their viewing. Ultimately, the best time depends on which channel you’re posting to.

Here are the recommended timings for the top three social media respectively:

1. Facebook

There’s a golden pile of treasure to uncover using Facebook analytics to know the number of people that are talking about your posts. You will see a graphical trend in your Facebook admin account’s page and from here determine the time of the best click-through rate as well. General findings show that 11AM to 4PM is your best chance to post latest news about your brand.

In weekdays, the peak time is 3PM as this is mostly when employees can surf whatever they want on the web at break time. During weekends, your best window is Saturday noon. The logical reason is that people sleep late on a Friday date after dinner or get-together with friends and they will likely be out again on a Saturday night.

2. Twitter

What people get out of Twitter are snippets of entries with 160 characters or less. Similar to Facebook, your most productive time to share tweets on Twitter is from Mondays through Thursdays at 1-3PM. The lowest viewing times are known to be during Fridays after 3PM or after 8PM. Traffic fades in the weekends so make sure to let your best tweets in midweek.

the peak3. Tumblr

Unlike Facebook and Twitter posts, Tumblr posts are more likely to be read after office hours. Suggested times are between 7PM and 10PM on a Monday or a Tuesday. Traffic again spikes during Sunday and Friday evenings. Your post will receive more clicks they are published after 7PM and no earlier than 4PM.

After knowing that you have a “best timing” for every social network, you can utilize some tools that can help you automate the publication of your posts at the right time to reach more people. Examples are the buffer app, which advises the best schedules for your posting; and Hootsuite, which schedules your posts for different social media.


Publishing your content at peak times can help you reach more of your targets on ever social networking site. Given the fact that each social network has its own set of users and therefore own culture, they have distinct behavior patterns. You can try to experiment first and analyze the metrics of the traffic and click-through rates. Know what and does not work. Eventually, you will learn when your audiences are most engaging and most responsive.


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