6 Ways To Increase Fiverr Sales

Who doesn’t want to have more sales? I am sure no matter what type of business you are in, sales are always a good thing. If you are a seller on Fiverr then you know that your livelihood depends on more sales. So how do you get more sales on Fiverr without marketing yourself directly on Fiverr? Here I will show you other websites that you can find people looking for your services as well as post about services you offer. Get the word out about your Fiverr gigs by using the following six techniques:

  • 1) Craigslist

    Browse through the listings on CraigsList.org in any city, state, or country for people looking to hire freelance workers. It is usually easier to get local clients, but to ensure you have not left any opportunity go by it is best to browse through as many listings as possible. Also, search for digital work gigs, both full-time and part-time as there are many job openings there.

    These people are actively looking for the services you have to offer and are hoping to find a good deal. Since you are selling / promoting Fiverr gigs your costs are low. This means you can offer the services for anything as long as you make more than $5. You can even sell other peoples gigs and not have to do any work. You are essentially the middleman in the entire process. This allows you the opportunity to become a one stop shop for a variety of services.

    The other way to utilize Craigs List is to post your gigs and services up on the board. This is free to do and you can post multiple gigs across different cities as long as you change the title and content a little bit. CraigsList and the internet is not a fan of duplicate content so make sure to write different sales copy. A way around this is to create an image with your services and post this to Craigs List. You can hyperlink this back to your Fiverr gig or a personal website for extra exposure and sales.

  • 2) EBay

    eBay works similar to CraigsList in that you can browse through listings of jobs as well as post your own services. If you want to list your personal gigs then visit eBay and click on “Special Services” – “Web & Computer Services”. It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. Adding pictures and staying competitive with your pricing is the way to succeed on eBay.

  • 3) Chamber of Commerce

    Adding yourself as a marketing company in local city Chambers of Commerce is a great way to get authoritative links back to your gig / website, but also gets your credible recognition. These are both very valuable and can be worth the cost of membership in the long run.

  • 4) Bulletin Boards

    This is a free and easy way to promote yourself. Simply make a flyer and print them out with your contact information and leave them at local businesses. Make sure you get their approval first or they may not be too happy. Also, put the flyers up on telephone pools, street corners, and other high traffic places. When promoting yourself you may find people who are actively looking for service providers like yourself.

  • 5) Want Ads

    Peruse through local newspaper want ads and business publications to find people who need your specialized services. Do not forget to check the job posting section as well. You can respond to the ads by saying, “Rather than employing a full time SEO Specialist, you can hire me for a fraction of the price.”

  • 6) Virtual Freelance Sites

    It is a smart idea to look though the job listings on websites such as oDesk, E-Lance, Freelancer, etc. to find listings that match your services offered. It is also a smart idea ti post your own listing on these sites.

These are some of my strategies to increase sales from gigs offered on Fiverr. What are some ways you use to get more sales?

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