When is the Best Time to Use Multiple Domains?

Before anything else, let’s define what a domain name is. A domain name is the name of the unique location address of your site. It can be anything like www.yoursite.com, www. yoursite.net, and so forth. Now, multiple domain names pertain to those with different unique domain names regardless the extensions that redirect to a single site. For instance, if you’re a webmaster handling an online business which sells wedding apparel, your main domain can be www.weddingapparel.com, and you can purchase other domains like www.weddingdress.com, www.bridaldress.com and www.weddingfashion.com that all point to your main website.

In the dot-com boom, here are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this:


1. Multiple Entry Points

When you create additional domains and inform search engines the new location of your site, you can use any of the multiple domains to promote for link exchanges and search engine submissions. When one user does not enter your first website address, you still have other chances remaining that he will go to your other websites whose names are rather more interesting to his eyes. Different networks may have different niches, and you can send your domain name as a campaign to them and make them all relevant.

For instance, you can add another word in your domain name www.vintageweddingapparel.com to market to those who like vintage stuff. Similarly, you can submit the link www.modernweddingapparel.com to catch the attention of the modern generation. The bottom line is that these two different groups of people will be directed to your main landing page.

You also have to account for the fact that some people misspell domain names. So it’s a good idea to purchase several domain names with wrong spellings to get traffic from those people. Note though that you have to include the 301 redirect method so that these misspelled sites will not appear in search engine results.

2. Identity and Brand Protection

It’s ideal to create derivations of your site name and purchase those as well. For sure, you don’t want other websites trying to impose as your brand and snatch away the traffic that is supposedly yours. To illustrate further, you have your domain name as your brand name (e.g. www.HottahChicken.com). Purchasing other extensions (e.g. www.HottahChicken.org, www.HottahChicken.net) will protect your identity as you would not appreciate others getting them and using them to their advantage. Do not also let them have the chance to sell the domain name to you with an expensive price!


1. Search engines

This is only if you have forgotten to install the 301 redirect codes on the second to tertiary websites back to your primary domain. Be aware that search engines penalize websites that have identical contents. This is because they don’t want spam websites that get quickly and expensively on top of search results. Google enforces this strictly and it now ranks websites based on the quality of links. So your aim must be to get more link juice pointing to your site to increase your page’s ranking. In this case, it is better to focus and use only a single domain name than multiple ones.

2. Renewals

Domain names have to be renewed every year. Although some hosting providers offer the continuity of your purchase whereby they automatically charge you for the domain name for another year, you must examine and consciously know whether or not you still need to. Save your resources optimally! When this option is not activated, you must remember each renewal date and don’t let them expire. Else, others may benefit from your hard work and redirect the domain name to their own web page.

Here are the Best Times when to use Multiple Domains

1. Offered Discounts

Hosting service providers offer special discounts for some website extensions every so often. Take these golden opportunities to buy multiple domains for your site. This is recommended for your brand not to be tainted by another conflicting entity as explained above.

2. New Business

When you start up a new business and are a beginner in utilizing digital technologies to market your brand, it’s best to penetrate the online world with a bang. By creating multiple domains, you can improve traffic significantly. Make sure to optimize your SEO and website for keywords and explore the different viable domain names related to your niche. To give you a bit of, the average webmaster registers about 10 domains every year!

3. Geo-targeting

Website owners use multiple domain names as their strategy to target specific countries and languages, and keywords. Having this as benchmark, if you are looking out for international users as potential leads, having multiple domains with country-specific TLD (top level domains) is important. This is to have an edge in ranking in their countries and prevent having problems in duplication of the sites you manage.


While handling only one domain is more convenient for you as you don’t have to work on several others, owning more than one domain has many uses. Knowing the best times to link them to your target, objectives and strategies will help make a big win in the SEO viewpoint.

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