Top Android Features that Apple iPhone doesn’t have

Android is loved by the majority of people due to several reasons that distinguishes it from other contemporaries’ operating system. Both Android and iOS are feature abundance operating system. They have their own cons as well as pros. But, unfortunately there lots of features that the Android is incorporated with but the iphone does not have it in the present day. Some of the Android features which Apple iphone does not have are as follows:

· Alternative Keyboards.

· Un availability of Flash

· Widgets.

· Expansion of Memory

· Wireless App Installation.

· Customization of the ROM (Read only memory).

Absence of Alternate Keyboards Facility:

The Android is loaded with several exciting and interesting options like Swype, swift key or the text predictors, thumb keyboard, smart keyboard pro and different other keyboard choices. It is not always a fun to type on the default keypad that the Mobile has, but having other substitute options is always a welcome idea. Interestingly iphone does not have the facility of the built in alternative keyboard. The facility for the use of the 3rd party keyboard is prohibited in case iphone or in other products of Apple.

Unavailability of Flash:

The Apple iphone and the other Apple devices such as the ipods, pads, etc does not support Flash. This is a big problem, because Flash is found everywhere in the internet. The iphone is restricted to the use of completely or partially dedicated Flash based website or the Flash videos. Even for running Flash games on web the settings in the iphone either need to re adjusted or restricted. If you want to play games on your phone, sites like 카지노사이트 have a wide variety of options.


Widgets and themes give a very user friendly experience while customizing a device. The widgets present in the Androids are very impressive. The widget facilities are not available in case of iphone, it is all about the ‘icons’.

Expansion of Memory option:

Iphon since the last 5 years have came in various memory flavors. It is available with the memory configurations range starting from 16 GB to 32 GB and even 64 GB as per the requirements. But, the major drawback of iphone regarding the memory is that it cannot be expanded. No facility for the detachable micro SD card slot is available.

Wireless App Installation:

The Wireless App Installation allows installing an application wirelessly on the device. This concept is known as the cloud concept which iphone uses. Icloud can synchronize everything including photos, documents, videos etc. This feature is a killer one in itself. In comparison to this Android uses play store feature, this is much more reliable and equipped to the disadvantages of the Wireless App Installation feature.

Advantages in customizing the ROM:

The custom ROMs functionality of the Android lays path to Wi-Fi tethering, FM radio and the other qualities that are not present in the official Operating System. But, the iphone is not provided with the property of customizing the ROM.

There are several other features which the Android has but the Apple iphone lacks such as the App integration and many more. The above mentioned features are considered as few of the top Android features that the Apple iphone does not have.

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