Meet Your Customers Before They Need You

Consumers are being pulled in multiple directions with the variety of ads surfacing on the Internet. These ads, including your own, are competing for that consumer’s attention. However, are your services even right for that particular consumer? Search retargeting will help you figure out how to stop wasting marketing dollars on the wrong audience. Retargeting has become the latest and greatest form of finding potential clients who regularly use the Internet. This form of marketing depends on keywords to determine which consumers to target with which products. By enlisting the help of search retargeting, you’ll able to meet your customers’ needs before they know they need it.

Potential Clients Needs

Knowing who your potential clients are can be a difficult task. Sure, you could sit back and wait for a consumer to click “More Information” on your website. But that will only bring your business to a limited number of consumers, and may leave out exactly what information will benefit them the most.

Not only will search retargeting find those consumers who are searching for and need your product and services, it will give you a better understanding of what your potential clients are looking for. This marketing strategy will create a list of keywords your potential clients search for, which will help you focus your services and products toward their needs. You can then use these keywords to target even more clients in the future.

Finding Potential Clients

To efficiently utilize search retargeting, you must create a list of keywords that relate to your business, product and services. You, with a search retargeting partner, will need to cookie a user when they visit your site or another partnering site. This cookie will follow the user around the Internet collecting data about their browsing habits. Depending on the sites you partner with, you’ll be able to find countless numbers of potential clients who conduct a keyword search similar to those found on your list.

Over time, when the user browses the Internet your company’s banner ad, targeted specifically to the user, will appear in their browser. Keeping those fingers crossed, this banner ad will spark their interest, and, with a single click, they’re back at your website.

Engage Potential Clients

There’s more to retargeting a potential customer than waving a pretty ad in front of them. You must focus your ad toward each potential client list (based on their keyword searches) you have compiled. From there, you’ll need to engage the consumer by offering them something they want. This can be a product, discounts, freebies, reminder or other shopping incentive. For example, if the user visited your website but left without making a purchase, you can retarget them by offering a discount or free shipping in an attempt to get them back to your site.

Putting a search retargeting plan in place will help you keep your client list full and continually growing. Make a plan that will target potential clients, while keeping current ones interested in your business. Search retargeting will help you not only identify potential clients, but also what they need.

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