Google Analytics Tutorial – Learn the Benefits of This Unique Tool

Google analytics is a superb tool used for tracking the website visitor. It is also used to track information about the way visitors to your site interact with. Google analytics tutorial is important, especially, when you are running a search engine optimization campaign for your website. You can use it for tracking the keywords for your site, analyzing different data regarding the visitors of your site, determining traffic sources, understating the average time spend of the visitors to your website, and different other aspects that you really need to know while implementing SEO campaign for your website.

However, understanding the basic factors of Google web analytics is always important. If implemented properly, it will open up a world of information you probably never get from anywhere else. This is the reason proper understanding of the tool is always necessary. Today, there are so many Google analytics tutorials available online. You can always go for a suitable one.

Here are some important benefits of Google analytics when using in a online marketing campaign:

Get Relaxed, It’s Free of Charge: It’s a free tool and simple and easy to implement. As a result you can always experiment with it for your site. It is also more beneficial than any other free tools used in marketing campaigning and widely popular among the users.

It Helps You Point Out How Your Visitors Locate Your Website:  In a SEO campaign the online marketers generally focus some particular keywords. They use these keywords to get their website optimize is search engine. These keywords are the best source to get visitors for your website. Google analytics provides you clear information regarding those keywords. At the same time, it also shows you any additional keywords from where traffic is generating to your website. Other than the keywords you are already using, Google analytics will show you the other keywords that a visitor is typing in order to find your site.

Identify the Pages and Links Your Visitors click the most: You will be also able to identify the popular clicks and pages of your website. This will help you to detect whether your optimization is directing the traffic to the correct pages.

Visitor Segmentation: This is a unique stat of how many individual visitors your search engine optimization campaign is bringing to you. This will also help you to segment your visitors under the categories: new, returning, geography, and referral sources.

Fine Tune your website:  You will also be able to fine tune your website with the analytic tool. You can also do a new copywriting on any page that is not converting well. At the end of this survey, it will surely bring more advanced prospects for your website. You will gain more customers in near future.

Apart from the above mentioned aspects Google analytics will also help you collecting data from MSN and Yahoo. This will clearly show you the search results in respect to your website. It is sure that using Google web analytics will strengthen the stronghold of your website on the search platform.

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