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People have spent a considerable amount of time in coffee shops doing their office chores while on break or just hanging out. Maybe because of the smell of fresh coffee in the air, the sound of espresso machines humming along with the white noise of coffee folks to match the atmosphere that keeps them coming back. However, one leading indicator that draws many people to these coffee shops is a chance to be with the online world. The free Wi-Fi service which coffee shops provide that enables us to connect using our Wi-Fi devices. People today are dependent on Wi-Fi access as they go around. Keeping abreast to what’s going on, trending topics or the latest viral video is what makes customers pull up a social networking site first as opposed to other major websites.

Yahoo reports that an average of 4 hours of a person’s daily life is devoted to social networking sites particularly facebook. The powerful influence of Facebook trickles down to about half of its active users who use mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to connect to the site. Nothing to frown about if you are a coffee shop owner with these glaring stats, as this “coffee culture” of hanging out while sipping cappuccino replicates in almost every major city in the world.

The downside with coffee shops is repeatedly asking your local barista for a Wi-Fi password so you can stay connected. In line with this, Face book is experimenting a new Wi-Fi hot spot program for local coffee shops and related businesses that will allow clients to browse the web free when they do a Face book check-in.

Developed by Tom Waddington, the social network’s tests provides coffee shops and other related businesses offering the Web-based service in return for a Facebook router that can direct consumers to the businesses’ Facebook web page once they check in.

The concept stems from a Facebook hackathon conference. With most of Facebook’s features — such as the “Like” button and Facebook messenger and video chat –originated from these

Free-style programming affairs. A few participating businesses commissioned by Face book are still making headway if this new concept will fly off.

Some key points to take in account for coffee shop owners, retail stores and end-users.

  • Whenever patrons come in to a business’ area and begin to connect to the Wi-Fi network, they may do this by way of using Facebook’s “Check In” option.
  • If customers don’t wish to divulge the location on their own Facebook web page once they check in, they may set up the “audience” option to “only me” setting. Hence, only the owner may see where they are.
  • The coffee shop or retail store involved in the service still needs to pay for the online service, however, Facebook’s unique router allows those businesses to give users the choice of using the network simply by checking in with Facebook.
  • As a rule, users need to complete a form or a survey or perhaps watch an ad before they can gain access to the Internet.
  • Individuals who don’t wish to “check in” or maybe don’t own a Facebook account can continue to get access to the Web by typing a password supplied by the business.
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