10 Choice Themes for Marketing Your Business with WordPress

The internet is the ultimate collection of information regarding nearly any aspect of human life you can think of. Did you know there are still businesses who don’t market themselves online? As WordPress is a free and easy to use tool for building a website, more business owners should investigate the possibility of putting themselves out there for all to see. But which template or theme is the best to use?

1. Notepad – Notepad for WordPress is a clean and simple theme that can be used regardless of your business. It is a neutral color theme that will provide the information for your business without being distracting.

2. Devster – The Devster theme located at CoolMarketingStuff.com is another generalized theme that can fit any business. The interactive plug-in for Twitter allows visitors to “tweet” your account from your website.

3. ChartTopper – For under $40, the ChartTopper theme comes with built-in tools such as seven different color schemes and Google Adsense. It’s a professional look with potential for greatness with the right plug-ins.

4. Intrepidity – The Intrepidity theme is a full screen colorized theme that is elegant and feature loaded. With Adsense, social integration, and widget positioning, the Intrepidity theme could be a well deserving addition to your blog.

5. Obscura – Although this theme is a bit on the extravagant side, Obscura utilizes a lot of image enhancements for blogging. The gallery of images allows you to drag and move the list like a spinner. It may be too much for a business blog, but it would make a lasting impression on visitors.

6. Wise Business – From s5themes.com comes the Wise Business theme. It is a stunning design of a black background with a light blue halo along the top header image. The posts and blocks are well designed and could be used in a variety of circumstances.

7. Gazpo – This magazine-styled template is a great business neutral theme. The spacing and block positioning of Gazpo are ideal for delivering content to visitors and could be an excellent addition to your collection.

8. Chameleon – Chameleon is a semi-basic theme that gives you selection of various colors, textures, and has great imaging enhancements. Again, this is another business neutral template that can be adapted well into any business niche.

9. Customized – For business specific details, having a theme professionally created could be more ideal. With a custom theme, you will get exactly what you are looking for all the way down to the header images. Additionally, your customized theme can be one of a kind and not duplicated anywhere on the Internet.

10. Artisteer – Although Artisteer isn’t exactly a theme, it is still a powerful tool for the creation of one. This program is an easy to use builder for most popular CMS brands such as WordPress and Joomla. You are able to control every visual aspect of the theme and create a template that is 100% unique in 20 minutes. If you’re skilled in Photoshop, your own images, logos, and more can be imported into Artisteer to make a completely unique look and feel.

Regardless of what theme you decide to go with, having WordPress power your online marketing can benefit your business in profound ways. Even local searches on smartphones could display your business website and possibly generate increased foot traffic. It’s all about getting your name out there for all to see.

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