New Twitter Header Impacts Businesses on Twitter

A few weeks ago twitter introduced us to a whole new awesome header, and it sure looks amazing. Compared to what we had before, the new header presents individuals and businesses a better way to welcome viewers and followers. Yes, you can think of it like the facebook header; while it seems like it, the scope of its usage sure surpasses whatever facebook is trying to achieve with theirs. In a nutshell, the new twitter header holds more value for businesses and entrepreneurs in the following 3 ways:

#1 – Show and Tell the World What You Do

new twitter header 2012
Already, businesses that want effective branding have used custom background images to drive their goals to an extent. But let’s face it; those are never enough, not to talk of the fact that many people never bothered with custom backgrounds owing to the measurement and graphic challenges involved. Now in a more precise pattern, twitter is offering businesses a chance to step up their game and show their followers and potential customers what their business is all about. If you think pinterest is of any good to businesses, twitter has just adopted the magic of digital images and quality graphics which you can take advantage of with the new twitter header.

You can design your header to tell the world what services your business is offering or what products you sell, where you are located, contact details and any other information you think followers and potential customers may want to know. Think of this like your virtual business card or mini brochure to showcase and lure viewers.

#2 – Gain Instant Traffic from the Header

Somewhere just below the main twitter profile image (which comes at the center top of the new header), you will be able to insert some texts with clickable links that will appear boldly for viewers to click. You know what this means; if you have an enticing graphic that makes viewers salivate to the proposed result of your service or products, they don’t have to open your full profile page to see a link to your website, neither will they have to sort it through your tweets. With this new header, twitter offers you an immediate means of getting this person to any part of your website as soon as the interest is raised. These texts are independent of what may be in the actual graphic, and offers readers a means to getting hold of your business.

If you are a one-man show managing successful service, niche or news blogs like a Mixbook review and Pinnacle Studio news blog; it does not mean you can’t take advantage of this new twitter header. It all comes down to telling and showing followers what you do on the cyber space. So feel free to use a nice graphic and add texts and links to your blogs.

#3 – Think Branding

Most businesses have been looking to effectively brand their twitter profile and show their followers they are professionals that mean business. While using custom twitter backgrounds has helped to some extent, this new twitter header, as we can see, proves the best twitter branding tool any business can think of. With a width of over 640pixels, you sure have a whole board to magnet any eyes that comes to your page with enticing pictures and graphics that say you are among the best in your industry.

As a business, the new twitter header can help you tell the world what you do in a smart way, take advantage of the little interest they have in your business by directing them to your website with a clickable link boldly centered on the header, and add more branding juice to your social account to show off your authority and attract more loyalty.

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