Google Maps Not On iPhone5, New 3D Maps Available

iPhone 5 3D MapsWith the controversy arising in mapping solutions Apple now is facing severe disapproval; the latest software iOS has removed Google’s maps applications from Apple user’s devices. Apple maps downgraded the system, and around 65% of the population is not served with traffic data, transit directions and it created inconsistency to the iPhone users. This made clear that Apple users are currently using Google maps not through their devices but accessing them from a web browser.

Most readers think that Google should release maps for Apple users as it is done with YouTube. Dan Cobley, Google UK marketing director responded saying that they are looking forward to release a new standalone app for Apple users.

IPhone 5 users can use 3D maps as an alternative which seem much better than Google’s maps app. Apple update is still in process and both Apple and Google incorporated 3D technology in their maps application. The new 3D building showed much graphical difference and could be in favor of Apple. Google is lacking in the texture when compared to Apple’s.

Apple’s 3D maps:

These maps are greatly designed with interactive 3D directions and views, built-in with a vector based interface that helps in zooming and scales with much ease. The following explains some of the features of 3D maps:

  • Easy Navigation: This provides real-time directions and traffic information; you can spot your destination easily using turn-by-turn navigation and speaking directions. With the help of a 3D view superimposed arrows over the image which can let you know your destination. This app also changes the camera angle dynamically and reroutes you automatically.
  • Explore: You can explore important metro areas in high resolution and even zoom, rotate or tilt landmarks.
  • Siri: You can take help from Siri to reach your destination, after listening to you Siri can immediately provide guidance. Siri has now been available in Beta on iPhone 5 and its features may vary depending on the areas.
  • Local Search Option: When you tapped on the map to know the information about the location, it will generate an address, 3D photos and website details etc. This option also helps in finding the best deals to save you some money.

Apart from the maps app, iPhone hold various excellent features which has made it a must have Smartphone device, if you don’t have sufficient funds to buy this latest gadget you can consider payday loans as your financing option.

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