How Instagram Can Be Used For Marketing A Business Online

Instagram is a website and application for phones that was recently bought out by Facebook. Instagram as already achieved revolutionary things in the online world. Today, just about everyone has this application installed on their mobile phones, like their Androids and iPhones. Instagram provide people with a way to change the background color of their photos, as well as various other aspects. People who take photos often like to use Instagram because it allows them to change things about photos and make them look better. You can even instantly add a border, making your photo look much better than it did originally. So since Instagram is so popular, there has to be a way to use it for business right? Is it possible to market your business online by using Instagram? Well actually, it’s very possible to use Instagram to make money for your business online. In fact, many people are already doing it. Below, you will find some quick and easy things you can do in order to create a following for your business by using Instagram.

Take advantage of image sharing with Instagram

instagram-androidInstagram allows users to take pictures with a smartphone or tablet, then instantly share these pictures across various websites on the Internet like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. This functionality can be taken advantage of from the perspective of a business owner. For instance, the app lets you post your pictures to multiple platforms at the same time, which makes sharing images to your social media accounts much easier. You can use images to grow your brand and expand your business. While you shouldn’t expect very many sales or leads from social media sites and the images you’re sharing, it can create comments and additional exposure for your website. Photos that you post can also get indexed on search engines like Google. People can come across her photos when they are searching for keywords related to your products or services. If you properly input keywords in the name field, description field and tag fields of your photos that you shared your social networks, these photos will get recognized on search engine so that people can find them.

Use comments to your advantage!

When you can get people to comment on your photos, you are doing something right. By creating an engaging experience with the audience viewing your photos, you can get people to take notice of your business. People will start to look at what your business offers and the products or services that you provide. A lot of businesses use Instagram to do this. Find cool things on the Internet, post them on your social network accounts, and wait to see the effectiveness. People will begin to, and take notice of your work.

Image contests
Who can create the better image or take the best photograph? Image contests are a great way to get recognition to your profile. Contests always have a large number of people involved. Try to use contest to direct people to your website. For instance, image contest prompt people to take pictures of their own or create images in Photoshop. Whatever can create the best photo wins! This gets people commenting and getting involved with your profile on the social networks. It also builds your brand and provides a way for you to show off your products or services.

Stick to the visuals but market yourself at the same time!

The trick with using Instagram effectively is to stick to the visuals but still market your business effectively. At the end of the day, you’re using Instagram to customize your images and publish them on social networks. You want people on social networks to recognize your images and take notice of them. This could be through commenting, sharing, or various other things. While you want your videos to be fun and entertaining for your readers, you also want to market your business at the same time. Most of the time, people are looking for something funny or interesting to read. Find out the exact specifics of what your audience is looking for and stick to this. In addition, there are companies like Social Trend that can help with your organic Instagram growth. Try to work in some very basic marketing, but don’t directly or blatantly advertise your products or services. People don’t want to be sold something, but they are definitely interested in what you got to offer, if you can do it in a subtle way.

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