Android Programming and Social Media Apps

android smartphone In order to fully understand Android programming, we first need to learn about the background in which the programming environment takes place. Android is a mobile OS run by Google and its source code is open. Android developers design various apps, which run on an Android device. Those apps make the use of Smartphone more meaningful. The applications that are developed include maps, global positioning system capability and games.

Android apps are available on either Google Play or on a third party website. Currently, there are over 500,000 Android apps available on Google’s online store. That’s why; keeping up with all newly released Android apps is no doubt quite difficult. Some of the highly popular applications, developed by Android developers are Angry Birds, YouTube Mobile, Skype, The Weather Channel, Facebook Mobile etc. Mind-boggling games such as Bubble Breaker and Cut the Rope etc trigger at a high degree of user-engagement.

So, Android programming can offer a developer’s career a totally new shape. However, developing an Android application is not at all an easy task. Some of the important areas related to Android app development are following;

  • Android developers generally don’t work alone, they work with programmers.

  • Complex Android apps could take months to finish.

  • Android code is available online, which saves time.

Truth is, even though Android developers are highly sought after, not all developers are equally proficient in Android programming. But having a background of development could help one to pick up basics of Android programming very quickly. They can also use the SDK, which provides them with tools for writing programs. The main thing about these tools is, even if you are not a genius in Android programming, you can still comfortably access its fundamentals.

Android apps facilitate social media activities; there are some fascinating social apps, which are downloadable from Google play. A look at those apps is not a bad idea;


oovooThis is an instant messaging application resembling Skype. Real time calling and 12 way video chatting are supported by ooVoo. The app can be downloaded by any device, which has Android 2.2 or upgraded versions. This application is free and some analysts believe it has all the potentials to become a formidable rival of Google Hangouts.



This application comes in Android devices with a sleek user-interface and it is downloadable by devices running on Android 2.1 or upper versions. Through this app, users could sync their calendar, connections and profile information. The application can be downloaded from Google Play.

This Android app is for music streaming. Music lovers could download this app on their Android phone and get a feel of personalized radio station. They just need to select an artist or a genre and a large playlist by will be showcased before them. Once the app is downloaded from Google Play, users can listen, discover and share the music they love.


pingdroid-screensThis app is actually an Android client for service, which enables users to update their status across 30 different social networks, including the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, Bebo, Blogger and more. The app also supports blog posts, lets users to attach pictures, take pictures by camera and attach geographic locations. In short, it’s gives users ultimate ‘social’ experience.

There are yet other social apps for Android, which are taking the market with a storm. So, Android programming for social applications will likely to produce even more mind-blowing apps and increase Android’s ‘Social Quotient’.

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