10 Marketing Stats about Business through Facebook

Are you among those people back in 2008 who looked at Facebook profile and just chewed the pencil to make ideas for doing business through Facebook?


Cool! Well how do you think about doing business by Facebook in the year 2012? Is Facebook for the marketers?

Do you need some expert to comment on this? Well particularly, you do not need them. This article will help you to check out some marketing stats. There are many but here you will find at least 10 such ideas to propel marketing through Facebook.

Facebook Do Matters for Business Owners

Facebook Social Media 1Facebook is not just nice they are essential; there are heavy chunks of business owners who think that their marketing strategies rely on Facebook.

Comparing With Business Owners Back In 2009

Facebook Social Media 2Dude, you have come a long way. And I expect that it’s all about number games, on how Facebook can help their business, as they are able to get more personalize options for advertisers and marketers.

It’s More Than Social Networking

Facebook Social Media 342% of marketers who look upon Facebook as critically important for their marketing, but who don’t think in that way, should remember that integrating with social channels is crucial to get optimum results. Twitter followers become a Facebook fan or a Facebook fan comments on a LinkedIn page or a Pinterest user share the image on Facebook timeline.

Marketers Investment in Social Media Is Making Sense

Facebook Social Media 4Some marketers are of the opinion that they can convince more number of customers through social media and they can reap a higher ROI. However, do they really turn in to customers? Yes, it does. And you know that they require fewer budgets and indeed a pretty sweet deal.

It Definitely Makes Sense to Invest In Facebook

Facebook Social Media 5If you are thinking that how will it be to make Facebook turn out high amount of ROI for business, then you can blindly trust this big blue book that are able to generate customers at every step. And not just for B2B companies but B2C, direct marketers and every genre.

Who Is The King To Rule Facebook In 2012?

Facebook Social Media 6No doubt, there are many industries who are ruling the market of Facebook, but among them retail is the dominating one.

Where Do Marketers Struggle With Facebook?

Facebook Social Media 7Least amount of benefit was seen during lead generation from Facebook- but if social networking is able to help brand generate good customers then they must be dealing with low volume and high quality situations.

Where is The Opportunity?

Facebook Social Media 8It is better to engage your customers using their preferred method. You target audience will like to post on your Facebook page’s timeline? So it is better to create a page that will fascinate your customer to buy or invest, and above you need to monitor and update it regularly.

Facebook Timeline Helps a Lot

Facebook Social Media 9As the new business Timeline has been launched at the Facebook site, brands are able to cater large engagement- things like comments, likes and shares of posts. Timeline is cooking the right recipe for marketers to expand their reach.

Make the Content Interactive

Facebook Social Media 10If marketers are able to churn more out of Facebook, so it is better to invest in an interactive content. In fact, any type of visual content can help to create the leads that are desirable.

These Facebook stats may indeed surprise you. There are many, only little chunks are shared here, so to know more use Face book and other social media to reap better ROI.

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