Local Businesses Can Utilize Pinterest to Increase Sales

pinterestWhen businesses, like Coca Cola and Neiman-Marcus join Pinterest, you know that this social networking site is worth looking into. It is different from other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in its visual content. You can call it a visual scrapbook.

Pinterest is one of most popular sites today with a majority of its users (nearly 82%) being women and with its referral traffic more than the combined traffic from other giants like Linkedln, YouTube and others. Pinners find it so interesting that they spend an average of 90 minutes on it. This makes it the second most popular social networking website after Facebook.

Considering its popularity, businesses are now leveraging the power of Pinterest to reach out to their target audience and improve their conversions. Given below are the two ways you can promote your business on Pinterest –

Decide if Pinterest is the Right Social Networking Site for Your Business

Sharing on social networking websites is the best way to promote your business today but each site has different kind of users. Pinners prefer visuals to audios and scraps.

social-media-sharingIf you are a Pinterest user, you will see more photographs of their interests than anything written about them. This social networking site is perfect for businesses that can add a lot of pictures to promote their business.

For example, if you are in the business of kitchen remodeling, you can add before and after picture to showcase your work. But, if you are a lawyer or an accountant, there is not much scope for promotion on Pinterest.

So now that you have determined that Pinterest is going to help to promote your business, link your pins properly so that they lead to the proper products, their descriptions and contact pages. You will have to spend time each day preparing detailed graphics that will attract other pinners and keep their interest active. If this seems like too much, you can always avail social media services of known SEO companies like www.clickconsult.com to have an edge over your competitors.

Another point to remember is that the majority of Pinterest users are women and so, if your business has anything for women, you can engage them with your pins.

Increase Your Pinterest Presence

You have to consciously work to increase your Pinterest presence. Sure, you will add the PinIt and Follow buttons but apart from these, take SEO to this social networking site. Add keywords that describe your business, its location and other features. Write more about your business in the ‘About’ section so that other pinners can know more about you and your business.

If you share content and images posted by other Pinners, then it will encourage them to share your images and content too. It is a form of promotion. Even if you don’t sell anything immediately, spreading the word about your work will soon boost your sales. Don’t forget to add useful tips to your images. People will start identifying your brand with the good tips that they get and will visit it again.

Segregate images on your board. For example, if you are promoting your restaurant, then have different sections of images like “Continental”, “Breakfast”, “Snacks” and others. Don’t forget to add any promotional offers going on. These are sure to be re-pinned by other users.

As most people look at their budget first, make sure that a price tag accompanies your image. If the pinner or the user finds the price within his budget, then he will follow the link to finalize the purchase.

There is so much that you can do to promote your business on Pinterest. You can even host giveaways and contests as they encourage people to participate and re-pin again and again. But, you have to work hard for your products or brand to be visually appealing so that other pinners can re-pin what they like. Just follow these tips and see how quickly your brand goes viral.

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