Flickr, More Than Just Photos?

You’re probably familiar with the popular photo sharing site, Flickr, which allows users to post and tag photos and share these photos with friends. While you may already use Flickr to manage your personal photos, you might not have realized that the site also offers many exciting options for your business, including features that let you construct slide shows, tell stories, communicate with customers and plan trips. Flickr isn’t just for photos anymore.

Slideshows for a new decade

flickr picture sharingThe days of the laser pointer and PowerPoint slideshow are far behind you, and you need a more engaging way to handle presentations. Flickr slideshows allow you to choose pictures and then combine them with text and a personalized design scheme. You can also alter the show’s size and embed it in your blog or website. These slide shows are perfect for conferences with employees, but they can also be a great source of information for customers. Modern and flexible, Flickr’s slide shows offer your company new options in terms of presentations.

Galleries to engage your audience

Flickr also allows you to create photo galleries that relate your company’s ethos and narrate your community involvement. You can upload and label photos from work, charity or other events that your company has held. Rackspace, a cloud computing company, uses Flickr to share pictures that advertise their company’s culture. Their photo stream shows employees participating in a field day, painting pumpkins with children and enjoying a Halloween party. Flickr can also be used to tell more localized stories. Individual galleries can hold pictures of a specific event, and each picture can be captioned with its own narrative. Whether you want to create an uninterrupted photo stream, like the one used by Rackspace, or an encapsulated story about a specific occasion, Flickr is an ideal medium.

Be even more social

With the option to link to Facebook, Twitter and blogs, Flickr allows you to post your company’s photos in venues where your customers will be able to easily see and enjoy them. Your company’s social network pages will really pop when they’re linked with images of the events you’re discussing. Flickr also allows other users to comment on photos, so you can use pictures as an opportunity to discuss your company’s goals and values with your customers.

Travel in images

When your business requires that you take a trip, Flickr can help you create a detailed travel plan as well as logically store photos upon your return. The site offers a geotagging feature that shows you millions of photos organized by place. When you’re traveling to a new place, these photos can tell you what to expect. When you return, you can create a travel map that organizes your photos by location. If you’ve been at several conferences or community events, this feature categorizes your photos by location and date. It also lets other employees experience the trip with a clarity that they would never have if they simply flipped through a photo album. For business travelers, Flickr is a major asset.

Do more with your photos

Flickr isn’t just for showing pictures to family and friends; it’s also a multi-functional media sharing site that can help you take your business to the next level. Whether you choose to present a slide show on your company’s blog or share photos of your latest business trip, Flickr will help you develop and spread your company’s vision.

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