Facebook Groups for Marketing: The Easy Way to Share

FaceboookFacebook has left an indelible mark on American — indeed, on worldwide — culture. As it integrates more and more with our everyday routine, it will continue to evolve into more than just a social network. For businesses, it can be a gold mine waiting to be tapped. Savvy businesses are seizing the benefits of Facebook for free marketing. Now is the time to get on board if you do not want to be left behind by your competition.

Use Facebook groups to test different promotional strategies to minimize your financial risk.

For instance, if you own a restaurant and want to add an appetizer, you could ask your followers which one they would rather have. Would they prefer the pan-seared ahi tuna on a fennel salad or the beef tartar with crostini? If you can find out that your client base is a meat and potatoes crowd, you will not waste 100 pieces of ahi tuna that never sell.

Facebook groups also make it easy to target your marketing to a qualified and interested list of potential customers.

Facebook groupsFor example, if you manage Jenn’s Hair Salon, you might befriend individuals who have expressed interest in unique nail treatments. If a woman gets her nails done, she may well be interested in finding a great hair stylist too. There is a smorgasbord of demographic information on Facebook. Unlike a one dimensional email address, you can learn the genders, ages, locations and interests of your customers. Business pay a lot of money to learn this information, but it is absolutely free on Facebook. While working with Calescence Digital, you will develop a hard hitting digital strategy that drives real results.

You can also use a Facebook group to create an event featuring a special promotion at your business.

For instance, if you will be offering a sale you will have on Saturday, you could invite your group members to this event and encourage them to invite their friends through the use of additional coupons. Also, having a group allows you to create group-exclusive chats. For example, you can invite a handful of your group’s most active fans to participate in a small focus group.

One of the biggest advantages of a Facebook group is that it encourages sharing.

Facebook SharingAll members of the group can contribute content. You can encourage your group members to post and share photos of themselves using your products, for instance. This will keep them engaged in a fun way while also giving your brand more exposure in their friends’ news feeds.

To maximize the input from your Facebook group, abandon the hard sell and focus on building your brand image.

Keep your posts more about goodwill than an obvious attempt to get your hands on your follower’s cash. Focusing too heavily on sales will not keep your members engaged and they will likely unsubscribe from the group. If you keep your content fresh and unique, your followers will stay involved. However, share too much and they could block you from their feed. Facebook groups require a delicate balance. Stick consistently with one or two posts per day. This will pay off as people share your content on other sites, further boosting your overall results.

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