7 SEO Tips Inspired From Poetry

Poetry - Just like SEO!The SEO universe is a complex one. Every specialist brings a unique perspective to the field, with their own unique experiences, unique methods, unique clients. Most of them are successful SEOs, others are just beginning, but they’re always striving to make the most out of their job and provide client satisfaction.

What counts is the mentality.

SEOs never proceed without a plan.

SEOs, like poets and musicists, need to learn their way to harmony.

7 Pearls of Wisdom from Poetry

Write SEO as you write poetry

You know, poets have their own special language: they can’t find their muse in the most ordinary, plain language. They need something more, something that does their feelings justice. SEOs are like poets: the simple creation of a text is not enough, a basic website doesn’t do it, plain words don’t either.

To be a SEO you need to pay attention so that you won’t overlook that little, essential detail, be it link relevance within the content or a particular keyword that may rise Google’s eyebrow.

SEO poetry is so serious that you can’t risk using the wrong metric for that particular stanza.

Keywords: your metrics

In SEO, they’re like a dance. Never the same with each update or optimization. As the poet needs to follow his metrics to come up with fluent, musical stanzas, so the SEO specialist need to listen to the music of the site’s keywords and key-phrases, infer their harmony and work along with it to bring up in the SERPs.

The SEO knows that keywords can be dangerous animals, too: avoid stuffing, with your whole soul. Keep that density around a 3% or less and help the keywords dance stay harmonious.

To each word its role

You can’t ramble on the Web: for your (or your client’s) loyal readers to stay loyal, each word needs to undergo attentive evaluation, be inserted in a proper context and make it an essential member of that choir that SEOs, like poets, call the ‘text’ (or the content).

People get tired reading on screen, so keep your paragraphs (yes, your stanzas) short and sweet. Around 150 words per paragraph.

Ah yes— sometimes SEOs need to be musicians, too. Have a reprise every once in a while: it will keep your readers focused and they’ll retain more information once they leave the webpage. Just don’t overdo it: they get bored easily.

Don’t abuse your poetic license

Leave the SEO black hat strategies to selfish marketers. Make your clients (and your audience) happy with healthy hard work that doesn’t involve cheating. Search engines and clients can be harsh to their traitors.

The rhythm of your contents

Poets need to be careful with their texts: a wrong comma can cause the whole stanza to lose its music and its expressiveness. The SEO world is no different:  search-engine-optimized web content needs a structure, a precise H titles sequence (H1, H2, H3, H4, …), paragraph spacing (one idea for each paragraph, as I did with this article), no more than one link per paragraph, ecc. Garbled text is text that people can’t read and that search engines don’t appreciate.

Keep your inspiration alive and kicking

Alone, we can only go that far. SEOs need to stay up to date, get informed on new technologies and strategies, network, learn to see things from different viewpoints. Just as thirty poets can write thirty different composition about the sea, so SEOs can approach their material from different angles. Each angle is worth taking in consideration, and that’s another reason for good networking, to which the last paragraph of this list, below, is dedicated.

The circle of SEO poets

Writers know how to network; it’s their daily bread. They wouldn’t be able to provide their readers with a quality experience if they weren’t ready to accept and request constructive critics. It’s important that SEO specialists and webmasters interested in SEO do the same. Be communicative, exchange tips and opinions, take even the weirdest viewpoints in consideration, and you’ll see the horizon of your field enlarging at rocket speed. It’s the way you can contribute more to your field and become a better SEO.

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