Top 10 Social Media Apps for Android Phones

android-smartphonesAndroid devices are great for everything, especially social networking. If you are a bit of a social media addict, buying an Android device is probably the best thing you ever done (or worst depending on how you look at it!). There are numerous apps available in the Google Play Store to help you manage you’re networking habits, improve the overall experience of social media and even help you in some internet marketing activities, but which one do you choose?

We have created a list of the top 10 social media apps for Android phones to help you decide which app is for you; it’s up to you whether you choose to download one or all ten!


sessmic android appsSeesmic is available for every operating system you can think of, including of course, Android. The app is designed to make it easier for users of various social networks to keep up-to-date with all the happenings in one place. Seesmic integrates with Facebook, Twitter and and allows you to post to the various platforms from a single interface. To add to the appeal, Seesmic is totally free!

2) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is as a great app for social networkers with an eye on marketing. You can get all of your social accounts in one place and micro-post to as many of them as you like at the same time. There is also pretty detailed analytic info provided, letting you know how many people have viewed for tweets and followed you.

3) Flipboard

While this app is initially set for exclusive release on Samsung’s new Galaxy S3, it will not be long before it is widely available on the Play Store. Flipboard transforms the traditional social networking experience by integrating with accounts and turning tweets and status updates into stylish magazine-style pages – as easy to read as they are to look at.

4) TweetDeck

This app, like Seesmic, uses a multi-column layout to make it easy to view all the happenings on your favorite social networks. TweetDeck supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +, amongst others and allows users to micro-blog to as many of the sites as the like from one place.

5)IMO Instant Messenger

IMO solves the problem of managing various social network chat accounts by allowing you to place them all in one simple-to-use app. 11 different networks are supported, from the popular (GTalk, Skype, Facebook), to the virtually unheard of (VKontakte and Hyves). A great app for all you real-time chat fans.

6) Instagram

instagramSocial photography has a place in amongst the social network giants thanks to this app alone. Instagram has long been a top app for iOS and is now available for Android, allowing users to take photos, edit them and share them with the Instagram community or with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t like photography, this app will change your mind.

7) WordPress

The world’s number one blogging site is now available for Android, giving you the ability to manage multiple blogs, create and edit posts, create new pages and indulge in a bit of geotagging. You can also read and comment on followed blogs. This app alone is worth starting a blog for.

8) Foursquare

The fact that 15 million people use Foursquare tells you that this app has something about it. What Foursquare does is allow you to explore the world around you, ‘checking-in’ at places you like and keeping up with friends. It also keeps you abreast of the best places to go and provides various money saving offers.

9) Facebook

I guess it had to appear, didn’t it? The Facebook app offers a much-improved user experience on the mobile site and makes it easier to update status and upload photos in an instant. Swiping through and viewing photos is also easy.

10) MySpace

Myspace_music_feedMySpace app for Android is excellent. Navigation is super-quick and you can keep up to date everything you need to know about you favorite artists as well as being able to stream music and update your status (yes you can still do that!).

Now that you know our favorite Android Apps, let us know what your favorites are below….

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