New Nokia 808 PureView to Launch in India

Nokia 808 PureViewAccording to a Tech Tree article, the latest of Nokia’s smart phone offerings is speculated to premiere in India on June 5. The Nokia 808 PureView is the newest in Nokia’s line of smart phones which operate using Symbian Belle technology. Although Nokia has moved away from Symbian and has adopted Microsoft Window’s Phone to operate its higher end products, Nokia has stuck with Symbian on its more affordable offerings. The Nokia 808 Pureview may be the last advanced Symbian-powered phone the company offers. Despite a recent complaint lodge by Google against Nokia and Windows for colluding to raise prices on smart phones and tablets, Nokia struck back by stating that Google has many patent infringements in its own history.

Despite these problems, Nokia trudges ahead, and the Nokia 808 Pureview seems to have many new features for those who are looking for a mid-priced smart phone with lots of features. The most notable of these features includes its ground-breaking 41 MP camera. According to a Phone Area review, the Nokia 808 takes “almost DSLR-like photos.” The reviewer notes:

“The Nokia 808 Pureview is on its way to revolutionize smart phone photography with its huge camera sensor housing 41 millions pixels, but nothing speaks better about the camera as the photographs themselves. And this newest set of 808 PureView camera samples does exactly that – the quality is simply jaw-dropping.”77

For those of you who are looking for a phone that can double as a camera, the 808 doesn’t just stop with still photography. The built-in video camera, with 1080p Full HD video recording and 4x lossless, silent zoom, is likewise a technological wonder. According to Nokia’s official site, the 808 PureView is the first phone of its kind to feature Rich Recording, which enables users to record video without any audio distortion at up to 140 decibels of sound.

Other notable features included in the Nokia 808 are a Xenon flash and LED video light, for photographing in unfavorable lighting conditions, a zoom that reacts in less than second and never compromises the quality of the video, as well as Dolby Surround Sound, which gives users a high-quality listening experience. For those who use their phones to listen to music, the Nokia 808 would be a significant improvement over many phones’ built-in sound systems.

A Tech Radar review posited that despite the stellar camera, there are various shortcomings to the new Nokia. The design is fairly clunky and Symbian as an operating system simply can’t keep up with Androids and iPhone, particularly in terms of speed (like reacting to the touch of your finger). Personally, I believe the Nokia 808 would suit university students very well, especially those for whom quality audio, video, and photos are high on their list of priorities.

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