Five Best Video Sharing Apps

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, a mad race of bringing forth new video sharing applications has ensued among mobile app developers. A little quick swipe gesture enables smartphone owners to record and share videos to their multiple social networks. These video sharing apps are no less than your own video editing suite. There is no need to buy a high-end video camera, when you can shoot, edit and share with your iPhone.

Spontaneous Video Sharing Versus Editing

Video sharing has emerged as a way to share your life digitally among your friends and acquaintances. We are certainly moving to a different way of communication. The concept of live streaming services had arrived a few years back, but most of the businesses were not comfortable with the idea of sending out raw videos. Editing a video and adding effects can make a video more attractive. Spontaneous video sharing does not work well, if you are sharing something pertaining to your brand or trying to throw some light on your products or services. Thanks to these new video sharing apps, which come with editing options. And users can upload an edited video directly from a phone to popular video sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, or any social networking websites.

Shoot, edit and share!

Check out the repository for five best video apps for iOS and android:


Going by the latest news, this mobile video sharing company, has signed an exclusive agreement with Shyalala, a leading marketing and branding company in Asia, to develop new business opportunities by introducing Thwapr, as a new channel of communication in Asia for people and brands to engage their communities.This mobile video sharing technology offers the best video viewing experience. Thwapr gathers all required information pertaining to the user’s carrier, location and mobile device to offer the best mobile video viewing experience to its users.


It operates quite similar to Instagram, by whittling everything into three easy steps: capture, edit and share. With this photo sharing app, creating an attractive video is a cakewalk. Since, Viddy’s videos are limited to a mere 15 seconds, it is used by people who like to upload and share quick videos.


This social sharing app has been rightly quoted as “Instagram for video” and this video sharing app has taken the social media world by storm. This app comes with really easy to use 9 different filters and photo retouching tools. Its integration with Facebook’s OpenGraph promts users to share videos on their Facebook profiles instantly.


This video recording and sharing application makes use of iPhone video-capable camera to encode and live-stream video to the Qik website from the phone. The drawback is that you would need to jailbreak your iPhone first and integrate it.


This video sharing application has been released for the UK only. It uses location services, which helps the other users know about other people shooting in the same area. After having uploaded a 60 seconds video, you can take help from the other users to edit and co-create the video.

These apps do not only let you customize the videos, but also allow a one-touch sharing to social platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Video sharing has really become a big market in 2012.

A Word of caution: If you travel abroad frequently, you must use a Wi-Fi connection for sharing videos from these mobile apps, or else you would have to pay a handsome mobile bill, when you arrive back at home.

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