Diversify Web Marketing Platforms

The web is constantly changing. Trends rise and fall within a few short hours; no-name twitter handles become viral overnight; companies without an online presence a year ago might be pioneers of web marketing today. On the web’s precarious terrain, you have to steady yourself with a solid strategy if you want to develop a strong and lasting web marketing campaign. It’s not enough to drive a web marketing campaign solely through the now conventional outlets of Twitter and Facebook: you need as many potent professional and personal networking platforms as you can manage if you want to sell your services effectively.

The title of my article advocates for optimisation and diversifying your online networking platforms, but what exactly does that entail? Allow me to offer a brief crash course on what it takes to succeed in the web marketing industry in 2012.

Exploring alternative social networks

The big players in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) shouldn’t be the only networks you use to market your products and services. In fact, these should only serve as the foundation for your marketing campaign. You reserve these platforms for press releases, announcements, and sharing relevant stories related to your services. You’re not necessarily building a bigger clientele or readership through these huge social media networks (though you certainly can if you try), you’re more likely retaining a following you already have.

It’s the newer, cutting-edge social media platforms where you want to attract new followers. Sites like Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr are home to some of the most tech-savvy and sophisticated users on the web, and that’s an enviable clientele for any business. Marketing your services form their venues communicates that you’re an entrepreneur that understands trends and the value of online innovation. Every online service has a Twitter handle or a Facebook profile, but how many have their own Tumblr? How many of them pin interesting content up on Pinterest? If you want to launch a successful web marketing campaign, you’d be much better off doing so from one of these newer networks than from the bloated and congested giants in social media.

Reaping the full potential from social media tools

With so many social media networks at your disposal, you’ll need state of the art social media tools and analytical programs in order to keep track of everything. Tools like awe.sm, Percolate, Hootsuite, and Shoutlet all have something to offer for the web-savvy and ambitious web marketer. Though all social media tools differ in their exact use, they all have the same goal: to maximize your content generation and extend your reach to as many online users as possible.

Ignoring these services would be the worst thing you could do as a web marketer for many reasons. For one thing, they’re proven to give results to dedicated users; virtually any SEO blog will vouch for the above-listed social media tools even OTM organization, which is one among the top SEO companies. Also it should be a no-brainer to use these tools because they do so much work for you. If you’re an teacher running an education blog, for example, how can you expect to do your day job when you’re also busy about running your blog and monitoring its online impact? You won’t have to worry about any analytics with the right social media tools. Calculating page views, gauging the effectiveness of a tweet, or assessing the competition—these services do all that and much much more!

Are you changing with the trends?

As I said earlier, the web marketing tactics of yesteryear are no longer sufficient to distinguish a unique online entity in today’s market. Consumers will hardly be affected (much less impressed) by a company twitter account paired with an aggressive email marketing campaign. You have to be on or ahead of the web marketing curve if you want to succeed, and that means staying on top of the latest social networks and social networking tools. Stay informed, and you’ll stay successful.

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