Apple Website Drains Smartphone Battery Life

Researchers from Stanford University California worked on the Smartphone’s battery discharge when visiting different Web sites. Utilizing the device Android disbursed a great power when opening many popular Western Web site such as Gmail, Picasa. eBay, CNN, BBC, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, IMDB, Wikipedia and finally Apple.

You should know and be very attentive that using another operation system or another version of Android the results may be different. However, the comparison of these versions is very interesting. The standard of using a low energy enables you to connect your mobile phone to Internet with 3G to transfer small amounts of data when such kind of work has consumed 12 Joule. Visiting real web sites the power of Smartphone battery will certainly increase.

Particularly demanding to share battery become Web sites, which do not have mobile version. In this case, the main page is loaded in the browser Android in its primeval beauty. Such sites have Apple, Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress, as well as Wikipedia, IMDB and However, they offer another version too. Researchers found that among the most resource-intensive tasks are introducing of images, Javascript and CSS and of course, download the HTML.

Researchers from Stanford followed the activities of Web pages and did their best to make another cool variant for best mobile phones. Android was feeling with pictures in the place of JPG, which enables you to take pictures reaching to 160 pixels. These pictures are loaded with the help of proxy server. As regards to Javascript, Wikipedia could reach optimization, which reduced power consumption by up to 30%. In addition, for the most expensive are large and big photos and five CSS files. Moreover, the CSS modified version having the same functions on your mobile phone only expend 5j., instead of the original, which expends 12j.

As the researchers reassure, Web sites are created for speed and for providing stylish and beautiful external output. Therefore, they take no notice of energy developing and using them. Moreover, Apple Company refused to use Adobe Flash for having high power consumption, but the official site leads without the optimization.

The recent studies show that free applications with advertising characters are taking too much energy from the batteries and they are considered as energy devourers. We can bring a special example that such version of Angry Birds will take 20% more energy. It means that the worst representatives of such apps may be in the range of 25-75%.

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