Creating MeetUp Groups And Clubs

If you have not already implemented a marketing plan that includes utilizing social media techniques then you are already falling behind your competition.  You must always be engaging your users/ customers/ clients to instill trust and authority in your industry.  To help with your social media campaign starting a group or club can be very helpful.  The most popular place to do this is at MeetUp.  Here you create groups or join other groups that interest you.  These are many other places to create a group or club, but MeetUp is by far the strongest in fellowship and users.  Other places include Facebook Groups, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and many other places.

Popular groups can have hundreds or thousands of members and even sponsorships from major corporations!  This is an excellent opportunity to network with others in your industry or find potential clients.  If you are looking to start a group on MeetUp then you must start off by planning out what the meeting will be about.  You must also write a through description of exactly what your group is about and why you are meeting together.  Once you have a few members you can start having meetings and sharing knowledge with one another.

Creating MeetUp Groups And Clubs

3 Steps For A Successful Meeting

 1) Content – In essence the point of having or joining any group is to gain knowledge.  This is done by a group member exchanging content with group members.  Not just any content works; it must be useful and valuable.

2) Structure – Surprisingly many group members like having structures meetings, whereas the leaders often like a meeting to just go with the flow and be spontaneous.  Make sure to plan out what you meeting will discuss a few days before every club meeting.

3) Communication – You need to always communicate your message to your group.  You need to step up as a leader and make decisions for your group.

If you utilize these tips your club will be a success.  This can be very helpful and if your group is large enough it will bring traffic to your website directly.  Groups grow organically so make them go viral anyway possible.

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