Using Mobile Technology To Improve Business

Gone are the days where only means for doing business was with face-to-face interaction. Hardly, a decade ago the means of communication were quite limited and reaching the potential customers was quite restricted. But, now scenario has changed completely. These days mobile marketing has become an indispensable part of any type of business. In addition, my friend who works at an IT Support Clayton MO company, says that the latest mobile technologies have bestowed a low-cost communication channel to almost every business house. Owing to the better communication with the customers the operational activities of the companies have improved immensely. Due to which, many small business houses transformed into global ventures in less than expected time.

Let’s see how many business are flourishing all thanks to mobile technology


No industry is devoid of telemarketing be it education, finance, and many more. In fact, it has created billion dollar BPO industries in many developing countries. The telemarketing companies are saving large chunk of money which otherwise they have to spend on banners, pamphlets and other advertising methods.


TeleconferencingRecent technological developments have added a new feature to teleconferencing. With the advancement of internet, phones along with web cams and speakers have now become the part of teleconferencing. It is known as web conferencing. Now you can interact with many persons from different geographic areas in real time. This could be the best benefit to any business. In fact, many organizations interact with their employees only through online meetings. This is yet another exciting feature for small business houses to extend their reach in to the global market.

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Fraud Alerts

The use of plastic money is quite common especially in bigger organizations. Traditionally, in case of fraudulent acts, the companies (or individual customer) had to rely on automated IVR systems to take out the needful information so that they can trace the potential culprit. However, now the companies can trace back their each and every bank transaction with an SMS alert. Even the money debited through ATM can be notified with a simple SMS alert. This has made the life easy for many!


Mobile is one of the most popular tools of communication. Primarily, it was used for making and receiving calls. However, with the latest mobile technologies phone has become more than a calling device. Now you get GPRS navigation for on-road driving instructions, can send and receive e-mails, browse internet anytime anywhere, send and receive picture files and much more; therefore, mobile technologies have opened a new door for communication. In fact, you can remotely manage your entire office through Blackberry and OS based iphones especially when you are on holiday or travel. You can also view the article if you’re wondering whether you can send faxes directly from your MacBook.



It improves productivity as a phone call is much more effective than a well-crafted e-mail. It substantially cuts down the expenses for printing the product material and internet cost. Moreover, these days there are cell phone spy software available through which the employers can get real time updates on each and every activity performed on phone. It is also very wise to utilise a London virtual office as that way you get amazing privacy and also a fantastic postal address. Employers have to just install a security mechanism before handing over the mobile device to an employee. The level of productivity will increase automatically when the employees’ every move are watch guarded.

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