Pinterest Marketing: 3 Ways To Maximize Pinterest Traffic Easily

What motivated you to join Pinterest?

Was it your personal decision, or the news of how people can drive potential consumers from this social network? No matter the motivating factor, it’s time we look at how to maximize the traffic we generate from this network.

It’s no longer news that a business without social media integration is going to living under a rock – in fact, search engine optimization is now incorporating social media proofs to increase search ranking. Even Facebook pages and Google+ shares are now crawled, indexed and ranked by Google search engine. Other search engines would add this to their ranking factors in the future (my opinion).

Interest Is the Key!

The word “Pinterest” actually combines pin & interest. And this is where the real marketing secret lies. A lot of social media marketers neglect this, but you can get it right from the beginning.
“Interest” is helps in writing persuasive web contents. If you were active in article marketing, ‘A.I.D.A. is the acronym used to measure the effectiveness of your articles.


• A – Attract with Headline
• I – Interest the Reader
• D – Desire
• A – Action

And since Pinterest is a photo-sharing social network, you need to attract the right audience with a nice photo. This photo should be relevant and showcase your services, if possible. You can’t pin Canon Camera to your dashboard, if your blog or website is about fashion.


Relevancy speaks volume and it’s the best way to attract targeted traffic from Pinterest.

But that’s just the beginning – interest the viewers by aligning the photo to their taste. How? Find out what kind of images these people have on their blogs, and follow the same line – share what they know, you would get more repins and comments.

Market research is very important when marketing with social media networks. Eliminate all guess-work and do the right thing from day one.

If you succeed in attracting the right eyeballs, there would wish to check out the referring blog. That’s where action comes in – make it sticky, be specific, and add benefits to your ‘action links.’

How to Maximize Pinterest Traffic

How do you keep a prospect that came to your blog/website from Pinterest?

That’s the tough question. But before I answer that, I want to share with you something I just discovered about social engagement. Do you know that social media users are in a state of dilemma?

They get thousands of infomercials on daily basis, and wonder which is right for them. Too many information at the same time is the problem we all face. How do you convince them that your blog has the right solution?

What happens when they finally visit your blog and find out that the page is pure advertisement, what do you think would happen to their mindset – you’re just one of those rip-off guys!

Now, here are 3 ways to maximize Pinterest Traffic

1. Approach Pinterest with Focus

A lot of people are busy pinning and repining images on Pinterest. It’s what we do on social media networks that eat up our precious time. But if the return on investment (ROI) is less than the efforts you put into social networking and pinning, what’s the future of your business?

Don’t get addicted to Pinterest and forget the very essence of marketing online. You want to connect with like minds, and use the medium to promote your business in a professional way without tarnishing your self-image.

If you joined Pinterest just to share, comment, pin and repin nice photos, failure is already lurking around, irrespective of the success you see today.

2. Build Relationship, Don’t Sell!

According to recent news, a Pinterest Spammer now makes $1000 on daily basis, and when they asked how he did it, he kept silence. However, he made it clear that multiple accounts contributed to this income. Money is good, isn’t it?

Yes, but when money is gotten from illegal means, it’s going to varnish soon. If you do business online, settle in your heart to build relationships and solve problems in your niche.
“Relationships create an avenue for wealth creation!”

In line with this, have a great converting page where Pinterest users can reach when they click-through from your pins. This page should focus on capturing, connecting and networking with prospects.

3. Make a Social Page

Pinterest and other social media users are already know what a social page looks like.

Registration comes first, then confirmation, before they gain access. So, having a membership landing page would convert better, than a squeeze page that giveaway a free report.

Connect with Pinterest users in their own terms, not yours. Every photo shared should speak to life, motivate and add value to their lives. And have quality contents on your blog to ‘hook’ and engage first time visitors. See you ahead!

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