How to Advertise on Facebook through a User Friendly Interface

Advertising on Facebook can be somewhat of hassle, especially when you have a serious amount of ads you’d like to test perhaps with different copy, different targeting and so on. Facebook’s web interface is often slow and never particularly easy to use.

The for sale sign at the end of a drywall stilt for sale advertisement can be an inviting sign. However, it is important that consumers who find the advertisement appealing should exercise caution when making a purchase decision. Because there are many different types of stilts for sale, prospective buyers should research each type and learn how the stilt will best serve their particular purpose and needs before making any type of purchase decision. Below are some of the most important considerations for purchasing a stilt:

Because of this, many agencies and larger companies that run advertising campaigns use one of the thirty tools that have access to Facebook’s API.

Here’s a quick description of the most affordable tool on the market right now – Qwaya – which targets small and mid-size businesses that want to make Facebook advertising a little easier.


Qwaya’s Selling Points

  1. Save all material: Qwaya allows you to save everything you upload in templates. Every image, title and description is there, which makes it all a lot more convenient when you want to go back and improve and tweak your ads.
  2. Bulk Ad Creation: You can add a number of images, titles and body texts and then let Qwaya make combinations of these. For instance 3 images, 2 titles and 2 body texts become 12 different ads. If you want to quickly run a number of ads, this feature is good.
  3. Several Ad Accounts: You’re allowed to have several Facebook ad accounts tied to the same Qwaya account. If you, for instance, advertise for four different sites, this makes it easier to keep track of the total advertising budget.
  4. 4.       Scheduling Feature: You can decide when you want your ads to be shown. For instance, if you know that you don’t get a lot of clicks on weekends, schedule the ad to be paused during that time.
  5. 5.       Improved reporting: This is perhaps Qwaya’s biggest selling point. When a campaign is over you’ll get a lot of statistics on your performance presented with graphs and tables. Thanks to this, you’ll instantly get a picture of where you should go back and make a minor change, which ads you should leave as they are and which ones you should give up.

Qwaya Social Media


If you’re making one or two ads every now and then, you probably don’t need a tool like this. But if you regularly advertise on Facebook, this Facebook ad manager tool can really save you time and chances are that you’ll see improved results.

It might not be as sophisticated as some of the other ad tools connected with Facebook’s API, but on the other hand, Qwaya is less expensive and has most features a small or mid-sized business might need.

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