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Using Mobile Technology To Improve Business

Gone are the days where only means for doing business was with face-to-face interaction. Hardly, a decade ago the means of communication were quite limited and reaching the potential customers was quite restricted. But, now scenario has changed completely. These days mobile marketing has become an … [Read more...]

How to Advertise on Facebook through a User Friendly Interface

Advertising on Facebook can be somewhat of hassle, especially when you have a serious amount of ads you’d like to test perhaps with different copy, different targeting and so on. Facebook’s web interface is often slow and never particularly easy to use. The for sale sign at the end of a drywall … [Read more...]

Stricter School Requirements for Social Media Savvy Students

One of the most important skills for job seekers is familiarity, skill, and savvy with social media. A working knowledge of how to use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to enhance a company’s marketing strategy is sought after by many employers in today’s market. This trend is prompting … [Read more...]

Pinterest Marketing: 3 Ways To Maximize Pinterest Traffic Easily

What motivated you to join Pinterest? Was it your personal decision, or the news of how people can drive potential consumers from this social network? No matter the motivating factor, it’s time we look at how to maximize the traffic we generate from this network. It’s no longer news that a … [Read more...]

Pinterest Updates Terms of Service: What That Means for You

Pinterest is the newest internet sensation. A combination of social media and photography swapping, Pinterest is something bold and new and also profitable. Between January and February of this year, its traffic increased by 52 percent. That’s quite a leap, and tells a lot about the growing … [Read more...]

Twitter SPAM Software In Trouble

Twitter is fed up with spam and wants to send a strong message to those violating their terms with the assistance of law enforcement.  Last week on Thursday, Twitter officially filed a suit aimed at five internet marketing tools and providers that supposedly make it easier to spam other users on … [Read more...]

P2P, Web Marketing and Legality? — BTDigg Has The Answer

When you say “BitTorrent” you speak piracy to the majority of people. They will look down at you and start wondering whether you’ve gone plain crazy or just need a reminder from the authorities. However, indipendent rapper Kellee Maize didn’t think so when, in 2011, she released her new album … [Read more...]

Facebook Buys Instagram For 1 Billion Dollars

Facebook has big plans and hopes to settle a deal with the photo sharing website, Instagram, by the end of June this year.  Facebook has offered to purchase the software company Instagram for a hefty bid of $1 billion.  This will be the largest acquisition by the social networking giant … [Read more...]

Few Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing is the primary thing to do after manufacturing or discovering any product or services. People use lots of different methods to market or advertise their products. Video marketing is one of the best and effective tools used for marketing or promoting the businesses or products. It becomes … [Read more...]

How Will Google Plus Impact The Search Engine Results Page Rank?

The future of business is social - Barry Libert, Social Nation Launched in September 2010, Google Plus is Google's fourth product in the social networking arena. With its integration of Google Buzz and Google Profiles, and introduction of services including Circles and Hangouts, Google Plus … [Read more...]