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social-media-exposureOne of my biggest pet peeves is landing on a blog that isn’t written for a human, instead it’s written for a search engine. Every other word of the post is the keyword or key phrase they’re trying to rank for, and it just doesn’t read well. On the other side of the spectrum are blogs that are written well but don’t stand a chance to rank because they don’t have their keywords anywhere. SEO in my opinion is all about finding a balance between the two, and in this post I’m going to offer a few tips and tricks that I offer to all my SEO clients for getting the most out of your blog for both your visitors and for search engines.

Optimize The Post:

You need to have an SEO friendly post, so use things like the title, URL, and headings to insert keywords. Check out WebChimpy for more. But don’t just do this for SEO, make sure you optimize for visitors as well. If the post title for SEO purposes would be “Lose Weight Fast” then make it visitor friendly and inviting by saying “Tips To Lose Weight Fast In 5 Minutes A Day” which is much more appealing to visitors but gets the SEO job done as well.

Be A Social Butterfly:

Social media is huge — Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and thousands of others. Part of the work we do on our SEO packages is post links on these sites, but you can take it one step more and play an active role promoting your business on these sites. First off add a “share this” button to your website so people can automatically share your posts with their friends, but on top of that have an account on the major social media sites and interact with your readers — it makes a huge difference.

Engage The Readers:

user engagement social media networkingThere’s nothing worse than finding a book or blog on a topic you love but having a bad author. Your writing style is everything — engage your audience and readers. Use pictures, graphics, and interesting language and stories to keep their attention. At the same time you can strategically place your keywords in the content for SEO purposes, but again don’t spam the heck out of your post to the point that it’s barely readable.

Stay On Top Of It:

So many bloggers write a blog post once in a blue moon, literally, and it just isn’t effective for their blog. I try to post 2-4 times per week, which is a lot, but once you get into the routine just like anything else in life it’s pretty easy to stick with. Don’t keep putting your blog writing on the back burner because it will never get done, and I can say from experience that blog posting really does have a huge impact on your SEO results as well as your company’s online revenues.
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There’s no easy answers when it comes to blogging as each blog is unique, but following these simple tips will ensure you find the right balance between an SEO optimized blog and a blog that is visitor friendly. Remember that your blog is there for you to show that you’re an authority in your niche, which will ultimately lead to more traffic and more online revenue for you. Write interesting, useful blog posts and after a few weeks you’ll notice a nice traffic increase.

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