Peer-to-peer (P2P) Marketing – A Valid Supplement To Social Media Marketing

P2P Marketing StrategiesAh, the bad reputation! Some technology is deemed as pure and positive by the masses, some is grimaced at and blamed to be a vehicle for piracy. But is that the truth?

If we stop to consider the pros and the cons of Peer-to-peer (P2P), we would see the benefits that come from this technology, and the ways it can be used to improve our Social Marketing strategy.

That’s true, P2P networks are often associated with illegal content — but what’s wrong with fair, legal content that’s distributed from seed to seed? While certainly not a substitute for Social Media Marketing though platforms such like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, P2P networks can result in a useful, supplemental tool for a more effective marketing plan.

4 Possible P2P Marketing Strategies

P2P E-book Marketing – You wrote your e-book and aggressively promoted it on Social Media. What can P2P add to that? E-book downloaders on P2P networks such eMule, BitTorrent and Limeware do seek free content to use and enjoy– why not make them happy?

Here’s a few hints:

1. Give away a sample chapter
2. Write an introduction for them to download
3. Draw a cartoon featuring your e-book and share it (hire a cartoonist if you can’t draw)
4. Give away a package containing all the above elements plus a press release

Video Presentation Sharing – Why stop to YouTube and Dailymotion when you can have thousand of P2P users download your promotional videos? Share your presentations and ask for feedback (provide an email address and/or a Social Media account in your video).

Webinar Sharing – P2P networks are frequented by students and self-taught e-learners looking for fresh and uncommon study materials. You can guarantee their satisfaction by sharing your past webinars together with an invitation to join the next!

Freebie Distribution – As with Social Media, you can distribute your freebie packages by sharing them on eMule, BitTorren and other P2P networks.

Of course you may come up with more and more ways to take advantage of P2P networks. Imagination is the only limit!

Best File Sharing Practices

Part of the P2P’s bad reputation is the danger given by viruses and spywares. To avoid user suspect and boost your strategy, I suggest you leave each file in its native format. In two words: don’t zip it. You can make an exception for freebie packages, though, since you need to collect the files into a single container.

Remember to name your files in a way that their content is clearly recognizable at first read. For e-books, you may opt for a Author Name Lastname – E-book Title – Year – Website Name.

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