Online Reputation & SEO: How Images Can Impact Your Image?

Ever heard about Online Reputation Management? I am sure you would have and the specifications attached to it. But have you ever given a minute of thought to the importance of images for a site to hit the charts of success. I bet most of you haven’t. Being a SEO obviously it’s not under your job profile to ponder over the images used on your site. For most of us it’s only to be taken care during the stages of website designing. But, this is one of the biggest pitfalls any professional SEO can fall into.

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Let me make it a bit clearer for you. Take a situation when a customer searches for an image of your product he/she is interested in. But contrary to the expectation instead of properly picked images, the customer finds out some immaturely clicked ones with a backdrop of home accompanied with some other related images by Google. As a result, all his/her curiosity in your product is going to end nowhere. The customer gets put-off and your sheer negligence towards online reputation has just changed your score to one down.

So, if you haven’t been taking the saying ‘first impression is the last impression” seriously then take it now. Image optimization is no rocket science; it’s just another aspect of your search engine optimization strategy that you have been neglecting. Just a couple of minutes dedicated to file names and sizes and here you are all done. Not to forget to include the usual game of keywords. A bit of free advice would also include a little bit focus on 0ff-page SEO to make your images reach every corner of search engines.

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Initially for every company web pages hold a great importance, but gradually this part of the show takes a backseat. This imprudence towards regular maintenance would eventually hamper your reputation in the web world. Is it really worth taking the risk? Absolutely not, because reputation once lost will make you sweat really hard to get retained. In such situation, if at all arrives, then Google alert becomes a “must have” tool for you. It will provide you with a detailed knowhow of the contents, images, blogs and other coverage as well. Addition to this you should also opt for some weekly or monthly digest alerts. Remember that your own blog is the best place to view your messages. In addition, look after the post that are daily commented on your blog, it gives you a brief idea of how well are you doing. Keep in mind all these points and you may take your heights to the new level of success in no time. In case you need some help from an expert, you might as well consider a Personal reputation management online service.

Search Engine Optimization Plan

Optimizations of images are easy to incorporate in the search engine optimization plan. You need to improvise your files, images, content of the web and the blog section in a refined way. And don’t forget to consider the use of keywords, which is going to shoot up the page view. Dedicate few more hours in organizing your site and you may see it working wonders on search engine rankings.


In the world of SEO images always leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. A good image will not only make your customer stick to your site but also compliments the authenticity of the targeted keywords. To further enhance your online reputation, get registered to some popular social networking sites like tweeter, flicker, facebook, LinkedIn, and Orkut.

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“Images make the website”!! And a sheer carelessness on this part could bring an unexpected downfall of your otherwise successful venture. Thus, to ensure a success in search engine optimization, make sure that the importance of images is not overlooked. keep a continuous check on the images you are placing on your site. They are not meant to be forgotten but to get regular attention. After all it’s a matter of your Online Reputation!!! Isn’t it???


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