What Is Your Website Missing? (How To Make Your Website A 10)

What Is Your Website MissingRegardless of what you want to do with your website, you need your website to be amazing. If your website is just bland and boring, then you won’t make sales, get readers or achieve whatever your goal is. So, how do you take your website from boring to amazing? You could go with the obvious answer of mine, which is to take assistance from Mojo Websites as I do and if you think you can do it all by yourself then just make sure you read this article will bring up all the things your website needs. You might have a few, but do you have all of these on your website?

About Us Page

This is on most websites, but it is so important that it is worth mentioning. The “About Us” page is commonly the most frequently viewed page, because people want to know about the person or business that setup the website.

As for making the “About Us” page, there are a few ways of doing it. You can just say who you are and what you do in a straightforward way, or you can colorfully explain your website’s philosophy. Just make sure this page fits the theme of your website.

Human Faces

This is similar to the above, because people like to know that another real person made your website. Even if you didn’t write the content or upload the products on the website, people will attribute you to these actions by just adding your face.

Also, having a face to look at improves retention rates and trust. Your face doesn’t have to be on every page, but having it noticeably on the front page or on a “Thank You” page should be enough.


If you want to have a great website, then you have to leave part of the website free from clutter. It is good to have graphics and text, but having blank areas is just as important. Think about this: you open a book, and the entire page is full of text. There is no margin around the edge of the page and no paragraph breaks. This is difficult to read, would cause headaches immediately and would have very poor sales.

Your website is the same. Sometimes having blank spaces are more important than writing or using an image. Not only that, but you can use whitespace to frame important information, helping people focus on certain sections of the page.

On-Site Search

If you have a static HTML page, then you probably don’t have on-site search. This is a little search engine that allows people to search through your website for products, posts or anything else. There are a few reasons why this is so essential.

First, it helps people look through all your information. You might have very good navigation, but an on-site search is easier to use than looking through menus. Also, if people use the search, that means they are willing to stay on your website to look at more pages.

Social Media Connections

You might already be using Facebook and Twitter to promote your business (if you aren’t, you should start!), but do you have the Facebook and Twitter buttons on your website? These buttons bring people directly to your social media page, and it allows people to post your Web page information on their own accounts.

This helps you attract visitors, and it instantly makes your website look more modern.

Contact Us

You probably have a “Contact Us” page, but are you doing it right? People want to talk with you, and you should be willing to talk back. In this past, most websites used the “mailto” links, because these were convenient. This link automatically opens the browser’s email program, but most people don’t use these email programs.

Instead, you should actually write out your email, or you should include an email form. If you don’t check your email frequently, then you can just add your phone number.

Content Dates

Whenever you write content, you should add the date to it. People want to read useful information, and while one post might have been useful in 2010, the information might be wrong now.

While this may decrease your traffic, you can easily fix this by adding a line to the top of the post like this: “this information might be outdated. Click this link to see a newer post.” Then have the link direct to a newer post that shows current information on the same topic.

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