Top Tips to Manage a Link Building Campaign

Link BuildingThere is a lot of talk regarding the best way to structure a link building campaign and how to put together the perfect link building strategy. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough resources regarding how to effectively manage a link building team working on multiple projects and how to get the best out of your team members.

This is why today I’d like to share what are my top tips for SEO managers and Link building team leaders on how to best manage the link building process:

Establishing Roles within the Team

Especially when working with a large link building team over a number of different clients, establishing who’s focusing on what has got to be the starting point of any campaign management. As well as splitting the clients so that each member of the team has the chance to focus on a handful of keywords, establishing definite roles will allow link builders to take more pride in their work as they see exactly how their hard work has affected the client website’s rankings.
Delegating precise responsibilities will also allow the SEO manager of Link building team leader to use the team members’ skills to their full potential and therefore increase the overall productivity of the team.

The Importance of Targets

I’ve come across many SEO managers who are not keen on setting link building targets as they think this will transform the link building team into some kind of sales department. However, in my experience, I have found that agreeing realistic link building targets with the team before the beginning of the campaign actually has a very positive effect on the team’s morale, productivity and ultimately rankings.
Not only link builders, juniors especially, will know exactly what is expected of them, but SEO managers and team leaders will have the opportunity of monitoring the team’s progress and tweak the processes accordingly should things not quite work as planned.

The Importance of Update Meetings

Following on from the point regarding targets made above, I cannot stress enough how important having regular catch up meetings is. I find that a weekly meeting is a very good idea in order to discuss progress in terms of acquired links, their effect on the rankings, as well as any other requirements or issues.
In order to avoid spending hours in the boardroom, have a recurring agenda, keep the meetings brief and to the point and ask all team member to bring in a quick report on their progress.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the management of a link building campaign as well as any other tips you might want to share with the community so please leave a comment below.

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