Top 10 In-Demand Social Media Jobs & Services

In-Demand Social Media Jobs Without a doubt, strong social media skills are in high demand. From the job seeker perspective, this is great news, particular considering that the need for a social media presence is strong in practically every industry out there. If you’re looking to add a little bit extra to your current income, visit for some of the top-paying part-time jobs that you can potentially start right now. Here are the top ten ways that the social media savvy can cash in on their expertise.

1. Social Strategist

Social strategists are generally social media specialists who are in charge of creating the “big picture” behind an organization’s overall social media communications. They decide which social media outlets will be pursued, how much money can be dedicated to social marketing campaigns and design the framework from which an organization will pursue social media from an internal perspective.

2. Community Manager

Community managers are social media specialists that focus their time and attention on the maintenance of the friends and fans that an organization has accumulated. This could include major tasks like developing new polls, comments, surveys and discussions or relatively minor considerations like moderating comments and approving new posts. The greater the membership or subscriber base is, the more time and effort this will take, you can also look into the computer tech support.

3. Social Media Analytics

One of the most difficult aspects of monetizing social media stems from the fact that it can be difficult to measure the impact and results that originate from a specific campaign. Recently, there have been a number of innovative tools and programs that have been introduced into the social media sphere that empower the organization at the helm to track every user, evaluate which poll questions get the best results and ultimately how many of the social media network members are making the conversion to hot prospects or customers.

Social Media Analytics

4. Social Media Design Specialist

Things look different on social media website than they do on a personally branded website. Because of this, special design skills and insights are necessary to insure that a business is able to keep their brand messaging and imaging cohesive. Add to this the fact that the design constraints vary between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and you can easily translate building social media integrated experiences into a full-time job.

5. Social Media Developer

Social media developers are chiefly in control of deciding which features and add-ons are incorporated into the overall marketing strategy. Additionally, it is the social media developers job to insure that from a user-experience point of view, all sites link and integrate well together for a seamless transition from your blog to your website to your Twitter feed and Facebook fan page. Developers will often work in conjunction with a design specialist team, so having both of these skills can give you distinct edge in the marketplace.

6. Content Programmer

Businesses that are serious about maximizing the value of social media don’t approach content creation haphazardly. Just like many newspapers and magazines, savvy social media players are creating editorial calendars that allow them to build up the content that will be distributed both internally and externally. Writers with a strong background in project management and social media can translate these skills into a lucrative career.

Social Media Programmer

7. Social Influencer Relations

All fans and followers are NOT created equal. As a matter of fact, there will be certain members in every following who qualify as “social influencers”. These individuals generally have a massive following in the social media sphere or are well-known and established bloggers. Businesses that want to use these highly influential voices to their greatest advantage take time to court them and curry favor. Social media experts with any type of public relations backgrounds can turn this into a highly specialized service and build an impressive personal and professional network along the way. Look for Lobeline Communications if ever you need the help of a Public Relations firm.

8. Social Reputation Management

Unless a business’s social media profiles are set up so that comments and interactions are submitted for approval before posting, disgruntled or mischievous posters can use their own walls and profiles against them. Just think about what can be said about businesses or organizations on other people’s profiles, blogs or websites. If you are a Boolean buff or have incredible Internet research skills and know the ins and outs of digging up the dirt on an organization or their company members, reputation management could spell success for your financial future.

9. Fan Finder

If you possess stellar list building techniques and strategies it won’t be hard to market yourself as a Fan Finder. The typical small business owner hardly has the time to invite friends and deliberately grow their followers. Some of them barely have time to sit down and eat lunch! While there are few jobs on the market as a Friend Finder, it is a potentially lucrative service you can offer as a self-employed pro.

10. Social Bookmarking Specialist

This is another service versus “job”. Social bookmarking is incredibly popular. One of the most popular social bookmarking hubs out there is StumbleUpon. However, there are hundreds of others available. A quick visit to the following website will show that there are dozens upon dozens of them out there. Even if you just picked the top ten or fifteen, you could easily offer this service as a freebie to draw in new business into one of the other social media services on your menu.

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