The Top 4 iPhones Apps for Social Media Marketers

The iPhone is the new Swiss Army knife for social marketers. There are few tools that have the capacity to expand quite as much as the iPhone, and when it comes to the quality of the third-party applications that you can hook into the iPhone, it almost becomes a no-brainer as to whether this cell phone should be used inside of a business context in order to achieve social media goals. Go International with

This article will discuss the top four iPhone apps for social media marketers who use a cell phone.

The Big Boys (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare)

All of the major social media applications are grouped into one for a reason – you should have their applications anyway, whether or not you are a social media marketer. It is simply a fact of life that these I’ve websites comprise a continuously larger slice of the overall communication pie in any capacity.

All of these apps are completely free, and they are all almost taboo when it comes to social media marketing. So if you do not have them, get them immediately and start posting links everywhere that you can on them without getting kicked off.

Even Fortune 100 companies have given in to the notion that commerce is invariably moving into the electronic, and especially into the mobile, environment. They are expected to spend more than a quarter of their marketing budgets on mobile activities by the end of the year 2012. You need to find out exactly where your audience is in relation to these social media hubs.

social media hubs

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CB Stats

Click bank is one of the top affiliate marketing programs on the Internet today. This application will give you links that you put on your webpage or your blog, and you earn money from people clicking on those links as they come to your blog. This application gives you the opportunity to immediately monetize any content that you may have on the Internet, which will give you money to advertise further on the larger social media marketing platforms. Although this application is not free, it pretty much pays for itself within the first couple of clicks.

This particular application also gives you the earnings reports and other statistics on every link that you put on your blog from the application. These listings are very detailed to say the least, and they are organized in one of the best packages of any affiliate marketing program on the market today.

Google Analtyics SEO

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Google Analytics

This particular app can be accessed for free on a browser of any sort, but if you pay for it, you get the extra convenience of having it up front on your iPhone. It is one of the best analytics programs that is on the web today, giving figures on which keywords are most effective for you, what websites are visiting you and linking to you, and even where your audience is coming from. You can also find out exactly who is linking to your website and who is most interested in it from the other statistics. This is an absolute must-have for the professional social media marketer.

Exact Target SEO Tools

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Exact Target

This application is great for e-mail marketers that have a mobile broadband connection. What ExactTarget allows you to do is view your scheduled sends in both calendar and list views. You also have the ability to access campaign tracking data.

Although these are hardly the only applications that can be useful to you as a social media marketer with the ever expanding iPhone, they are definitely the most important. If you are going to be a true professional social media marketer, get your hands on all these applications as soon as possible.

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