7 Online Advertising Techniques For Small Businesses

7 Online Advertising Techniques For Small BusinessesFar too many small business owners believe that it is ok to treat marketing like a car service and carry it out every 6 months because they have to. A targeted and intelligent marketing strategy will provide far more effective results than an off the cuff and occasional push will. The idea needs to be that your customers have your business so close at hand that they can contact you before they even start shopping for the product or service. This will put you one step in front of all of your competitors and enable you to snatch the sale before they get a chance to. Consulting with one of the many advertising companies similar to a Hulu Advertising Agency is an option. This article will consider 7 simple low-cost methods of advertisement.

1) Make your business easy to find

People use countless methods to find what they are looking for, so you need to hit as many of these sources as possible. By engaging in Facebook marketing, putting an ad in the Yellow Pages, advertising in local sources, and making yourself as easy to find as possible, you will be able to reach many more customers searching for your services.

2) Provide business cards to customers

If you can provide your customers with a good quality and professional looking card with all of your details on it, they may well keep it in their wallet. Having your details so readily at hand will almost undoubtedly make you the first port of call for services.

3) Ignore break-even customers

Whilst this sounds like the wrong thing to do it is too easy to get lost in numbers of customers rather than profits. You are far better off concentrating your marketing on the customers who bring you the highest profits because they are the ones who make your business run. Still make sales to these customers; just target the bigger customers more pointedly.

4) Build an email list

Many experts including Andy Defrancesco strongly suggest that you should build an email list for your customers so that you can easily and swiftly communicate with them. When writing to customers it is important not to be too pushy and to offer them a reason to come back by themselves. If you offer a 5% discount then you will be able to draw customers back and make some more sales.

5)Treat the customer right

Customers really value being treated properly and being cared for. If you put in extra effort to make them happy then they will come back for more. A dissatisfied customer is not a returning customer.

6)Combine business, pleasure and charity

Hold events for your partners and key stakeholders which raise money for charity, offer a social occasion and promote your business, all in one fell swoop. Customers will appreciate your actions and you will benefit from an increase in business as they are then more likely to suggest you to other potential customers and they will definitely remember your business.

7)Court local media

When carrying out charity events or even when offering sales, it is prudent to approach the local media with the story. Media companies appreciate being given stories because it makes their jobs easier and this can become free advertising for you. Provide press releases with your web address on will allow them to easily access the information and turn it into an article. You might also want to add advertisement videos; visit this page for more information.

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