Google Plus – The New Social Media Marketing Breakthrough

google plusThe Social Media market is already fraught with different social networking websites. So, how can Google Plus even be able to compete with the networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. But, it seems that with the introduction of the Google’s announcement of Search Plus Your World, a revised search experience, it may be able to gain a place with millions of users. So, it would be better for most of the website owners to get social bookmarking done so that they get increased number of visitors to their website with Google’s search Plus.

What is Google Plus About?

The Google Plus world has brought in almost a phenomenal change in the social marketing industry. This is advantageous for the both the researchers and users and the website owners. The Google Plus can help you gain good ranking of your website. In fact, Google Plus is seen to be growing at a phenomenal rate of 625,000 users per day. So, Google’s claim to reach to at least 400 million users by the end of this year (2012) seems to be quite a real possibility.

If compared with Facebook, Facebook had not even been able to get 400 million users within January, 2008 though it had been operating for three years at a stretch. However, after so many years of popularization, it has now reached the benchmark of 800 million users all over the world.

According to many entrepreneurs and SEO analysts, if Google continues to bring in such changes as is the case with Google Plus, it will be able to bring in better content quality and relevancy. According to them this is a watershed – Google Plus is going to show up on most of search engines throughout the world while Facebook Like shows up only on people’s personally owned pages. Chaz Edward LLC offers effective local search engine optimization techniques for you to stay afloat.

So, these characteristics may be able to help most of the business owners to connect easily with others – other business owners, clients, the market and so on. This is going to make social media sharing easier and beneficial for the companies.

Then, Google Plus has Circles, which is another great aspect about the same. This allows you to have a proper control on the things and events or items that you share – where and with whom. In addition, Google Plus has also added the other Google products onto this, like the contacts, the photos from Picassa Web Album, search results. These have all been listed in the Sparks and thus through this Google Plus has been able to achieve the height of an all en-compassing hub that helps the people online – individuals and corporations.

Other than this, Google Plus also provides better privacy than other social networking websites. In addition, it also provides a better platform for discussion. You can have the option to view the conversations in a totally different way; for you will no more be required to watch the conversations in a linear way. You will be able to view the same on a prioritized basis.

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