Top SEO Tips for Beginners

Top SEO Tips for BeginnersEveryone has to start somewhere, and that is usually square one. This includes with SEO.

Search engine optimization isn’t easy, and while it is simpler for some folks, that is usually because they aren’t just starting out. If you are just beginning with SEO, you can start turning into a proficient professional in no time. The following tips should help with your transition from newbie to almost-expert.

Hang around Google for a While

No, not the actually building, but the webpages. Google puts out tons of great SEO tools and resources which can come in very handy for a consultancy firm and a freelancer alike. They have a very comprehensive Webmaster Central Blog, and this includes a solid post that is SEO Resources for Beginners.

To start transitioning out of being a lowly beginner, Google is a great place to begin. Read their resources, and start checking out the information about their SEO tools. As your comfort level with them increases, get your feet wet, and start incorporating these into your site.

Start Blogging

If your site is a blog, you definitely need to do this one, probably daily – or more! Even if your site isn’t a blog, this is a good way to get started optimizing your site.

Search engines take more notice of sites that are often updated, and blogs and forums are great ways to add new content, keeping it fresh for the search spiders. Not only will blogs attract crawlers, but they bring in readers as well.

Blogs can also give you feedback from your readers in the form of comments. This can help you know what content is working and what content isn’t. Remember, even if your SEO is technically awesome, it isn’t too hot if you have no real humans looking at it.

Remember Links

Links are your friend when it comes to SEO. Links can greatly help to boost your rankings.

Internal links will create a chain of information that can be easily followed and crawled by search engines. These same links are easily followed by users as well; they will greatly help real people when navigating your page.

You need external links too, but don’t get crazy with it. Comment spamming with links and other processes could be harmful and could damage your site’s credibility. Links from social media sites and other websites and blogs can help get your site higher up in search rankings.

Keywords are Vital

There are a lot of people starting out with search engine optimization that know nothing about it other than the fact that keywords are a big deal.  Somehow, keywords are something that so many get wrong, even if they aren’t new to SEO.

Picking the right keywords can be difficult, but it can be easier with tools like the Google AdWords Keyword tool and other utilities to help you select low competition keywords. It is important to pick keywords that actual, real users would search for. No matter how well a keyword describes your content, if no real person would search for it, it is useless.

Keyword placement is another component that needs examination. It is tempting to get all your keywords out right away, but too many too close to each other won’t sit right with the search engines’ spiders. You want to distribute these throughout your page.

You will also want to take care to not use too many keywords throughout your page; this is known as stuffing or spamming. The crawlers definitely take notice of this, and it looks very negative for your site. Plus, it is awfully hard for your visitors to read a page that is almost nothing but keywords.

Keywords sound tough, and they can really trip up a beginner. The good news is that there are plenty of places with information about how to do keywords right around the web. Take a moment to peruse these sites before you put up another page.

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