How To Maximize Facebook New Subscribe Button

Facebook subscribe ButtonFacebook recently made changes to its platform by adding a subscription button to its list of features. Now, Facebook allows you to subscribe to a page without the requirement of being “friends” first. However, a Facebook user must enable the subscribe button in their settings. This allows anybody, regardless of if they are friends or not, to follow your posts.

Understanding Subscription Changes

The Facebook changes include giving you the option to filter capabilities pertaining to your news feeds. Feeds can now be filtered from friends and non-friends alike. The “non-friends” are those whose posts an user has subscribed to. For example, you can subscribe to a person’s posts, but request not to receive any updates from that user. The idea is to increase desirable content and reduce “clutter.”

Advantages of Subscription Changes

You no longer have to create a different page aside from their main profile page since being a “friend” is no longer a requirement to subscribe. Facebook Pages still have certain perks beyond what an user gets with a traditional personal Facebook page. The main advantage of this feature is that it allows you to separate your personal friendships with your professional or business contacts. Updates can be setup so they relate more to your specific professional brand. Personal updates can remain private between you and your friends.

Benefits of the Real-Time Ticker

Another substantial change to Facebook is the addition of a real-time ticker. The ticker shows updates of actions taken by both friends and those you have subscribed to without making them your friend. Additionally, the ticker, located on the ride side of your wall on your main Facebook page, shows brands that you have liked. The ticker itself is also interactive, meaning you can react to posts, “like” something and make comments.

Making New Facebook Features Work for You

The fact that you no longer have to be accepted as a “friend” to subscribe along with the interactive real-time ticker provides an easier way to interact with clients and customers. You can find out what brands your contacts like and what they are talking about. Think of it as a new way to engage your audience and even participate in conversations. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone at once, you can target your efforts to those that have an interest in your brand.

Future Facebook Changes

Facebook has plans to make some additional changes in the future. Right now these changes are in the early testing phases, being made available to only a select group of people to get feedback and make adjustments. One of these proposed changes is a timeline that would show the most important details in your life as opposed to a chronological list of all posts. A searchable timeline would appear on the side so you can view what others are doing in the same general time frame. Another proposed change is adding the ability to place a photo spanning the entire page to your Facebook profile.

Making Facebook Changes Work for You

These Facebook changes can be applied to your professional pages along with your personal page. The timeline feature allows you to see what is important to your contacts. The photo option can be used to emphasize your brand or business, just make sure the photo is relevant to the message you are trying to convey. Add to this the subscribe feature and it becomes even easier to separate your personal life from your professional life and still be able to enjoy the features of Facebook.

Change can be intimidating at first, but understanding the new changes to Facebook can help you use them to your best advantage. Social networks can be a double-edged sword, but knowing what tools you have available to you and how to use them gives you the upper hand. Ultimately, technology can be a wonderful thing if you adjust it to fit your needs.

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