6 Step Method To Obtain +K on Klout

Klout Social MediaManipulate your Klout score and gain multiple +K’s daily with this unique, tried, and tested method. This has not been released as is currently being sold as Fiverr gigs generating multiple streams of revenue. Your Klout score will increase exponentially as you follow these 6 simple steps.

1) Connect Twitter & Klout

Make sure to sign up for Klout and connect your Klout to your Twitter account.

2) Use Twitter’s Search Feature

Sign into Twitter and go to the top of the site where the search bar is. Search for “I gave +K about _____”, where the blank is replaced with the niche / topic you want to become influential about on Klout.

3) Copy Twitter Users

Find Twitter users that tweeted about giving out a +K in Twitter’s search results. Copy ten of these user names down in notepad or MS Word.

4) Achievements In Klout

Visit Klout and use the search feature to find the Twitter user names in your list. Then scroll down and on the bottom left of their page will be an “Achievements” tab. This is next to the “Influencers “, “Score Analysis, “Topics”, etc. links. Click this and see if they have a “Making it Rain” achievement from their list of badges. The badge can be any “Making it Rain_”, where the blank is replaced by a number. A larger the number is better. These users have given out at least 10 +K to receive that badge and are likely to return the favor if you +K them.

5) Making It Rain

If the Klout user has “Making it Rain 10” or or higher achievement then give that user a +K in one of the three topics they are listed as influential in.

6) Rinse & Repeat

Do the same thing for the remaining 10 Twitter users you discovered when searching. Typically, you will receive 10 +K daily (sometimes it may be more). If you happen to run out of usernames, but still have +K;s to give out then go to Twitter and search again for users that “I gave +K about _____” but use a different keyword. This ensures that you will always find new users on Twitter using Klout to give a +K to.

With these 6 simple steps you will increase your Klout influence and score. There are other methods to obtain +Ks such as viewing other user profiles (approximately 1 +K for every 5 profiles visited, gaining achievements, and if someone else +K’s you. This means you can get more then 10 K’s per day and even more +K’s in return.

Let us know your technique to obtaining more +K in Klout or any other social networking tips you may have below in the comments field.

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