Tactics to Improve Blog Rankings

Blogs are great to provide information but blogs are not much of an SEO asset unless they attract links. The best way for the blog to be found is to show up in the Search Results and for users to click the link and reach the blog. Great SEO techniques result in a visibly higher ranking of your website or blog, and fortunately there are several agencies, for example, the seo agency from Glasgow and the likes, that extend SEO services at affordable prices.

However if you want to take up the mantle of increasing the visibility of your blog in your own hands, there are few steps that you could follow.

So how do you get the blog to show up? Here are some ways to promote your blog on the search engines:

  1. Start with the basic. Content is King. Create content that is well structured, well presented and provides valuable information. Provide content that other sites will want to link to.

2.    Check out the backlinks for competitor sites and blogs.  Find out that who is linking to the competitor sites and are not linking to yours. Ask those sites to link to your site as well.

3.    Make useful comments on the other blogs that don’t have rel=nofollow. Make sure the comments are useful and value to the post being commented upon.

4.    If you get media coverage, make sure you link back to the blog if the section allows it. Not all magazines give a link in the news section.

5.    Get listed on other blogger’s blogrolls.

6.    Write a Guest post to other blogs and ask the moderator to link back to your own blog. Not only do you get an exclusive link but you also get is from a content rich page with very few outgoing links.

7.    Social Bookmarks, news submissions, press releases and Article syndication all add to the number of valuable links linking back to the blog.

8.    Include your blog URL in the profile URLs and the bios on the social media sites. Public profile links on LinkedIn and Youtube are good links. However check this out. Not all sites allow users to add links to their profiles. Share via networking. If you find something valuable share it over the social media.

9.    Writing Reviews or Testimonials for products and services used by you can get you a link back from their press page.

10.  Offer a widget, when posted to others’ web sites, includes a back link to the credits page for the widget on your blog.

11.  Job listings and event listings can have a link back to your blog.

12.  Submit to blog and RSS directories. Make sure your blog and RSS feed are included in niche categories and collections of blogs.

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