In search of Project Management Templates: My Personal Experience

Project Management TemplatesI have recently Googled for project management templates that could be useful. Most of them are in Excel or pdf format and it takes time to study and compare them. Thus there is time between the study and the practice and it might be significant. Moreover, will I be able to put those templates into the reality with my team in the live situation of the project? It’s unpredictable. I need to act quickly and be able to adapt my processes to the changing conditions of the real time business demands. Along with multiple Excel files, I found different software for business automation. What it is? Mostly the solutions are costly and rather complicated. If a solutions is affordable, it doesn’t contain any templates: all I can do is automate my working processes manually with the help of the Excel files guidelines. I was frustrated at such prospects. On the first day of my searches I didn’t find anything.

My searching criteria were not very complicated: I need to set business rules for my HR with the help of HR service providers you can do this set up. The development team should have a tool for bug tracking. Finally, I’d love to see all the office management issues automated. In my dreams I was picturing a tool that could have single business layer for all of the departments but until recently I thought it was impossible: business automation systems are created for specific activity each and it’s hard to exchange data between them. So I was not even dreaming that all of my departments could use the same data. Inevitably, there would be some part of manual work.

My searches brought me to the Comindware website. Guys have created a tracker. Here is the skeleton for my future business process automation. I understood at once that this is interesting, because unlike most solutions, the tracker enables me to create any issue. And issue means that any of my business activities can be automated. As you remember, to me it was not enough: I needed solutions for my 4 departments. The Comindware Customer Service Solution gives me a set of templates for the contact center and case management. The Human Resources software solution provides a full set of HR workflows for the HR activities from candidate search to job termination. I found the development and office management solutions that I needed so much. And the biggest thing about this all is that the solutions are made on a single database, so-called graph database: my dream came true, all the departments will be able to exchange single data stored in the Cloud. All this can be done at You can find more info on project management software online.

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