How Can A Social Media Marketing Firm Improve Their Facebook And Twitter Optimization

In today’s world, running a business without the aid of internet is like hitchhiking across Alaska without getting on ice-skates. Internet marketing, in fact, serves online businesses as those much needed ice-skates to push and pull them through the crevices of virtual world.

That is the biggest reason we see such a huge number of online businesses resorting to the expertise of some credible and experienced web marketing firm, which promises to deliver them the visibility needed for survival and progress in this highly competitive (it is better if you read it as combative) world.

Social media is the name of the game in present times. It definitely adds the missing element of increased interaction between businesses and their users, minimizing the role of various intermediaries unlike past, thus becoming more enticing for masses on the web.

This article serves readers quite proficiently in helping them optimize two of the most popular and effective social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, leading them to their desired level of visibility on these platforms.

How to best optimize your Facebook Pages

Optimizing your Facebook Fan Pages in the best manner pertains to segment them like:

SEO Title: Make sure you choose to set your page title with one of the major keywords of your niche. Remember, Page Names serve as the most influential means of searching any Fan Page on Facebook.

Meta Description: Unlike what majority of people seem to perceive, Meta description counts a lot in your Facebook Fan Pages as well. You can furnish “About” field in your Fan Page’s “Basic Information” tab, expanding up to 140 words to make the best use of it.

Going The Extra Mile For Better Search Results: You might be surprised as well as pleased to know that Facebook endows each of your status updates on your particular Facebook Fan Page a separate page of their own (you might click the timestamp of any of them to see it yourself). Even if you post a standard status update on your Facebook Fan Page, it will extract that page’s SEO Title from the first 18 characters of that status update, by default. In case you post a link to your Fan Page wall, you will be served with the option of “Say something about this link…” – making the first 18 characters the SEO Title for that particular status update.

How To Best Optimize Your Twitter Profiles

Twitter behaves quite differently from Facebook Fan Page concept, not offering you much of the conventional SEO elements, but there are still few important things that can help you optimize it in a better manner.

SEO Title: In Twitter, you can treat your name under Profile Settings as well as your username as the title tags of your specific profile. Therefore, furnishing your username with some important keyword can serve your benefit.

Profile Image: You can use your profile image for optimization purposes as well in your Twitter profile by selecting your name as the filename. This will let Twitter automatically use that name as the ALT tag for your Twitter profile image.

Going The Extra Mile For Better Search Results: With Twitter, your profile bio information can serve you extra mile for improved search results, especially in case of services like Klout. Klout uses your bio information on Twitter profile as its own profile description.

Social media platforms are contributing increasingly in guiding highly relevant traffic to online businesses. For any social media marketing firm, heeding to the tips mentioned above for improved social media optimization of their business will result in pulling an improved inflow of high quality web traffic.

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