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Social Networking sites, as everything in this world, bring about two extreme reactions. You either like it blindly or hate it like your ex – girlfriend. There can’t be another way. I am more than sure that all of us have heard these two opposite sentences at least once in our lives, “I cannot live a single day without a Social Networking site” and “What on earth are all these Social networks about? I’ll never register on any of them”.

There is still some group of people (mostly elderly people) that doesn’t comprehend the essence and idea of Social Networks considering them just a waste of time. However it is not casual that these sites have tempted millions of people worldwide. So there must be something that is worth having. The question is what it exactly is.

No one can deny that despite all those negative opinions about Social Networks they do have a strong impact on us and taking into consideration how fast their popularity is growing, it is not difficult to predict that this influence will become even more perceivable in the nearest future. So once we can do nothing but watch the development of Social Networks we had better look for and find the advantages they possess rather than point out their negative sides all the time (don’t be so skeptical, they do have positive sides).

In general the main vocation of a Social Network is to be a virtual platform where people can communicate and share information with their friends. As you can see there is no danger in this mission, the vice versa. Nevertheless, nowadays such kind of websites has gone far from their initial destination and that is the main reason why people are ambiguous about their usefulness. In any case Social websites have fulfilled humans’ long – standing dream that is the opportunity for quick and reliable information. In addition they enable people to create and strengthen relationships.

Social Networks join people with common interests under one roof and makes the communication much easier especially for those who have difficulties in interacting with people face to face. However you should always remember that once you enter the world of Social Networking it will become rather difficult for you to get out of it. So be so prudent in order not to be caught in the net of Social networking.

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