5 Twitter Internet 2.0 Tips

twitter tipsSocial media has become a blessing for businesses these days. Because so many people engage in it, it would be a grave mistake not to utilize it for marketing and expansion purposes. Twitter is one such forum that is pulling in more users every day and with its unique take on micro-blogging it has become a huge tool for business marketing and promotions. Here are five tips for using Twitter to your advantage:

Utilize Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags help to bring people tweeting about the same topics together, so utilize them when the information is relevant to what you’re trying to get out. This way when people search hashtags, they will find you within that particular tag as well. You also can create personalized hashtags for your business and spread them to your followers, encouraging them to use them as well which will result in traffic being directed back towards you.

Share Useful Information on Twitter

This is one of the most effective ways at growing your readership and traffic. By providing people with useful information you are showing that you offer something of value and quality to your readers, making them more likely to link back to you so that others can find you as well.

Build Relationships with Your New Twitter Followers

You can do this by replying to tweets sent to you and by acknowledging when someone retweets something you’ve sent out. These two tactics make people feel appreciated and will help you to create a base relationship with them. When people feel valued they are much more likely to help promote you to their own audiences.

Acknowledge New Followers

Taking five minutes out of your day to see who is new to your followers and send them a quick “hello” is an easy way to make them feel important and solidify that you are a good person or business to be following. By taking the time to do this you will be able to create new connections and identify who is who, instead of allowing them to get lost in a sea of followers.

Write a Good Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is the first thing people read about you when they find you – make sure that it reflects something that others will want to follow! You should keep it short but specific so that others know what you are promoting and include a link to your website so that they can view what you have to offer. Also, make sure it has a bit of a personal quality to it so that you don’t come across as spam!

Twitter is one of the most useful social media forums you can use in terms of promoting your business and reaching out to prospective consumers. By giving your Twitter account a voice, you show your followers that you have more to offer than just pushing products. Giving your business a face and a personality will encourage others to promote you because you’ve made yourself more than just a business!

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